Beyond Good Luck Lies Good Management

No plan is a plan, although it’s not a specific, measurable, achievable and reliable, or a time framed one, because leaves too much to chance. Chance is something you can’t control at the best of times, so not having a plan when the worst of times inevitably strikes you equates to a plan of self-sabotage. When no plan is a plan, then it doesn’t really matter which way you go, or what you do or don’t do, because you don’t know where you want to be. Therefore, you are destined to leave everything to the power of chance.

On the other hand, a heartfelt and thoughtful plan – which is a soulful way to make a plan – will tell you which way to go, and what you need to do to get there, because you’ve already decided where you want to be. It means that you’ve grabbed the power of choice with both hands and you are now driving this vehicle that is your life. Making a set of plans is even better.  It gives you a number of roads you can choose to take to reach your destination. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Have three plans: Plan A, B and C.
  2. If Plan A falls through, move on to implementing Plan B.
  3. Take what worked out of plan A with you and put it into Plan B if you can.
  4. If Plan B falls through, implement Plan C and take what worked out of Plan A and Plan B and incorporate it into Plan C.
  5. By this time, if Plan C disintegrates then you will still have what worked out of Plan A, Plan B and Plan C to formulate a new Plan A.
  6. Make your new Plan A.
  7. Have three plans: Plan A, B and C.
  8. Refer to steps 2 through to 8.

Keep planning. Good management relies on sound planning, while good luck relies on chance. When you plan your journey, you have better chance of reaching your destination on time. Start early, drive slowly and reach it safely. Namaste.

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