What is the purpose of happiness?

Your ego sends you on a search for happiness, but your soul has other plans. The purpose of happiness is to persuade you to start searching for it. It’s there to tempt the taste buds of your soul.  But temptation is not enough for a hungry soul. If your soul is starving, you have to feed it with meaning.

One meal of meaning is not enough to sustain your soul.

A binge of meaning won’t satisfy the soul either.

Every meal must feed your soul. You have to make a lifelong, lifestyle choice to improve the diet of your soul.

The solution is simple. If your soul is starving, then feed it.  Stop looking for happiness and find meaning instead. Replace happiness with meaning. Find meaning in everything that you do, and you will not only feed your soul, you will sustain it.

Everyone will benefit from your better choices.

Mindfulness is the key to finding meaning. Archetypes can support that process. The purpose of searching for happiness is to find your own meaning in life.

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