How Can I Get My Needs Met?

When life feels like you are on train that is about to reel of track, there are a few things you can do to regain a better life balance. If you are a reasonably healthy adult, then it is your human right to be responsible for meeting your own needs. You can ask your partner, family or friends to help you, but it is not their right to do it for you. After all, they have their own needs that must be met. When you need help and it is not forthcoming from the usual people, places or objects, then professional help, in the form of therapeutic counselling, may be the answer. However, there are seven things you can do now to begin the process of establishing and maintaining emotional equilibrium. 

  1. Become aware of your needs. Make a list of them.
  2. Put them into the following categories: Physical, sexual, creative, financial, emotional, mental and spiritual. Add more categories if necessary.
  3. Prioritise your needs. Put each need within each category into a hierarchy of importance.
  4. Identify the most important category to work on first.
  5. Then identify the most important need within that category to work on.
  6. Do what you need to do to satisfy your first need. Write yourself a list of things that you must do to meet this need. 
  7. Repeat the process until all of your needs are satisfied.  

Your list of needs may have the potential to be self-managed, but if it’s not, and you find that your list is overflowing with needs that you can’t meet on your own, this indicates that you may need extra help. Take your list along with you to your therapist or counsellor.  They were born to help you meet your needs.

When you are aware of your needs then you can organise them into categories. Within those categories you can prioritise your needs. Then you can begin to satisfy all of them on your own, or with the support that you need. 

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