Seasons of the Soul

Protagonist or antagonist, teachers come in all shapes and forms. Every person, place, object, role or situation will be a potential teacher. Your ego may like it or not, but in your heart of hearts, your soul will recognise the challenge that rides into your life to teach you. 

Whether you are happy or unhappy, everything stays in your life, and remains the same in your life, until you no longer need to learn from it. Life is seasonal. It runs in cycles of life-death-life. Every season has it’s rhythm of high growth and low growth. 

If you want a situation to change because you don’t like it, learn to make yourself comfortable with it and watch what happens. When you experience discomfort with someone’s behaviour, or a situation, or anything for that matter, your discomfort is a physical message. It means you have something to learn from the behaviour, the situation, place or thing.

When you are comfortable with it, or you are at least no longer animated by it in a positive or negative way, then you will have nothing more to learn and so the behaviour, or the person, place or thing will leave your life. The lesson is no longer needed so the teacher will disappear. 

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