Why You Need to Find Your Soul

You are in love with your soul but you don’t know it yet. It’s your yearning of love for your soul that keeps you searching for it.

When you find your soul – in other words, when you realise that you have a soul and that your ego is your soul’s poor, trickster cousin – your soul will lead you into situations so that your ego develops a lifelong relationship with it. Your soul wants your ego to commit to it for the rest of your conscious life, in spiritual sickness and in spiritual health, and in good times and bad.

After the novelty of your ego’s romance with your soul wears off, your soul still wants your ego to be there. Your soul will settle for nothing less than equal rights in its relationship with your ego. Your soul wants your ego to be there, always listening, trusting, honouring and communing, and communicating with it, but it’s not going to get upset if you don’t. Your soul doesn’t need your ego to cooperate because the strength of your soul is greater than your your ego.

For the sake of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, your soul wants your ego to learn how to do these things, so it will lead you to these lessons whether your ego likes it or not.

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