Grace is the Answer

You have the ability to generate grace. It begins with appreciation. When life presents you with a challenge, it rides in to your life on the back of choice. You always have the freedom to choose your attitude and response in any situation. You may not see it at the time, especially if circumstances were traumatic, but if you look back on the event later, and with professional support, you can appreciate the strength of character it forced you to develop. Then it is easier to be grateful for what happened. You need something to be grateful for if you want to generate grace.

Every thought you have ever had, or not had, and every emotion you have ever felt or not, every person you’ve ever connected to or not, every place you have ever been or haven’t been, everything you have done or not done, and every thing you have ever owned or not owned, has shaped you into who you are today. When you appreciate these facts, you may be humbled by them and grateful for them. Or not.

When you are not, you may find yourself feeling humiliated, angry or bitter about certain experiences.  If you wish to hold onto these debilitating emotions and remain this way for the rest of your life, then you should stick with the “or not” option. When you stick with something that is not good for you, and you won’t give it up, then you become stuck. Drain pipes get blocked when they are full of gunk. Negative emotions block the flow of life. This is not to say that you must not feel negative, or you must not be upset, mad or angry or humiliated, but if you chose to remain this way for extended periods of time, then it will eventually overflow into other areas of your life.

If you wake up in a bad mood, it can disturb your attitude for the whole day. Holding onto negative emotions for too long, especially for months or years at a time, even if they are the result of a bad experience, will not only disrupt your day in the way a bad mood might; it disrupts every day of your life until you decide to let go of your need to stick to these emotions. Every day of your life that is run by these negative emotions, of which you refuse to let go is one more day that you remain stuck, trapped and blocked in other vital areas of life.

This is one reason why work, or relationships or projects and other things that are important to you don’t always work out the way you want them to. The emotional gunk from a bad experience in the past is still overflowing into each, and every day and this flows onto other important areas of your life. There is too much gunk stuck to each day, and it is messing up everything around you. Your bitterness over the past will continue to determine every day of your life until you let go of these emotions that are blocking the flow of your life.

Grace is the answer. It’s the fuel that builds up spiritual muscles. In body building terms, when it comes to lifting weights at the gym, the weight lifter often needs help from a “spotter”.  A spotter ensures that the weight lifter pushes just a bit further each time, in order to improve and increase muscle. Next time you replay a bad experience stop and use it as a reminder to look for a positive personal quality or personal strength that it forced you to develop. The bad or unpleasant experiences and those involved were your spiritual spotters, forcing you to increase your spiritual muscles.

When you truly appreciate your personal history, you begin to realise that it’s your birth right to be here. Appreciating where you’ve come from, and who and what were involved and how it has shaped your life now, helps you to realise your place in the cosmos. You are one piece of a puzzle that makes up the whole. Accepting this is both empowering and humbling. When you do, you will have generated grace.

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