How to Find Your Soul Mate

The soul mate, soul companion and twin flame are archetypes. The soul mate or soul companion is a symbol that represents a deep desire for a significant other in your life. They symbolise someone you can count on, who understands you, who will always be there for you, who loves you from the beginning to the end of time. The twin flame archetype represents the urge for wholeness or completeness through the union of active masculine and receptive feminine qualities in every individual. If this is what you want, then you must be prepared to give the same in return. If you have not learned to give the following to yourself:

  • to be there for yourself
  • to inspire yourself
  • to trust yourself
  • to accept yourself
  • to care for yourself
  • to be generous with yourself
  • to be nurture yourself
  • to be true to yourself
  • to be loyal to yourself
  • to have faith in yourself
  • to believe in yourself
  • to laugh at yourself
  • to honour yourself
  • to love yourself
  • to know yourself
  • to sustain yourself
  • to be patient with yourself
  • to communicate with yourself
  • to listen to yourself
  • to tolerate yourself
  • to challenge yourself
  • to confront yourself
  • to make peace with yourself

…and much more to satisfy your soul, then how can you do it for someone else? You have to be able to count on yourself to do these things for you and only you, or else how can you possibly give what you don’t have to another? Especially if having this other person in your life is, or would be, so very important to you. This is not meant to imply that you must be perfect before you enter into a relationship, but if you have certain expectations from a partner that you want them to fulfil, then if you are not able to give the same or similar in return, because you can’t, don’t or won’t give it to yourself, then you are setting up yourself and the relationship for failure. Further, and from another perspective, to put the burden of such high and idealistic expectations onto a potential partner is a recipe for sabotage, failure, disappointment and worse, heartbreak.

These yearnings and desires for special and significant others to appear in your life are a call to action. The ability to take action is a masculine quality. Dreaming and yearning is a feminine one. If you dream of soul companionship, or long to find your soul mate or twin flame, or you yearn to live amongst like-minded people, that yearning is a calling. It’s a call to you to become the person you’ve been searching for.  A calling indicates your purpose. The call for a soul mate, soul companion or twin flame indicates that currently, a part of your life purpose is to be your own best friend. You must give what you yearn for to yourself. You are being called to become a soul companion to yourself. You are meant to live in communion with your like-minded self.

Instead of wishing for one or two special people to come into your life to provide these things for you, if you cultivate a sense of soul companionship with yourself, you create a base to build a spiritual haven for everyone you will ever meet. A spiritually exclusive yearning will be transformed into an all-inclusive life purpose.

2 thoughts on “How to Find Your Soul Mate

  1. can you simply tell me how can I find my soul mate in few steps?
    I also want to know how can I communicate w her when I don’t know where is she or who is she?


    1. The first step is to love and honour and commit to yourself. When you truly love and honour and commit to yourself, then you are ready to find someone worthy of your love, honour and commitment, and if there is no-one out there worthy of you, then you are less likely to mind if that is the case, because you love and honour yourself, and you are committed to yourself anyway. In other words, your real soul mate is inside you. A partner may be a reflection of the qualities within your soul, but that is all. You have to learn to recognise and communicate with your soul first, then you will know how to recognise and communicate with the reflection of your soul, that is, a potential partner. You can learn to communicate with your soul via my e-book “A Dialogue with the Soul” or though the courses I offer: Archetype Training or Chakra Training, which I teach via skype, or in person. If you would like a complimentary copy of the e-book, let me know and I will email it to you.


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