It’s Time to Master Time

When you excel at just one thing, or a very limited number of things in life, your path is very clear in terms of pursuing your highest potential. If nurturing is what you do well, then you are destined to be a loving parent, friend, partner or companion. If you are only good at teaching, then that would be an ideal career for you. Your vocation in life is to be an artist if drawing is the only skill or talent that you have.

On the other hand, if you are a multi-talented person, one of your major challenges, and consequently lessons, will be to clarify your path or direction in life at around the age of 40. Age 40 is important because the average life span is about 80 years of age, so reaching age 40 is approximately mid-life for most people. There are many people who reach 40+ and are still not entirely sure what they are meant to be doing with themselves for the next 40+ years. What are you meant to do with your life? Even though this question requires an individual response if is to be answered well for each person, it does contain some universal answers.

It’s true that if you are multi-talented, you have many gifts. On the down side, there is the danger of being a typical jack-of-all-trades-and-master-of-none. Yes, there is plenty of choice in terms of your potential within your ideal career, vocation or destiny, but which way do you go, which path do you follow when it comes to pursuing opportunities and especially when you realise that you can create your own? More choices can bring on too much pressure for those who normally struggle when it comes to making decisions. Too many choices can be overwhelming and too hard to process. Instead of making a decision to put their energy into mastering one skill or talent, they hold themselves back, dibble dabbling with this and that and never really moving beyond the amateur phase of life.

You are meant to become a master in your field of choice. You are meant to be an expert. You are meant to be an authority. The universal purpose of growing older is to develop wisdom. If you don’t, then your only choice is to become angry, resentful and bitter. When you look back on your life you are left with regrets about what you didn’t do, rather than feeling a sense of completeness and fulfilment.

It takes time to become an authority in any field, but instead of making a decision to put their energy into mastering one skill or talent, there are those who put a great deal of energy into holding back their potential, never making a firm commitment to pursue at least an ideal career, or a vocation, or their destiny. They remain dilettantes instead of becoming masters, or worse, they run away with a younger man or rush out and buy themselves a red hot sports car, and even worse, they give up on their aspirations completely. In this stupor called fate, they fall asleep to their destiny. They give up on a passionate, extraordinary life and resign themselves to filling in time, passing the time, and killing time. These are just a few activities associated with a mundane life that is full of wasting time.

Finding your ideal career, paid or unpaid is a good place to start fulfilling your potential. Accepting your talent and skills as a parent, friend or companion is one way to find your vocation in life, but everyone’s destiny is to be and to live the characteristics, qualities and values that resonate in their body, soul and spirit. As human beings grow older, and they are fortunate enough to do that, then a part of their destiny is to become the embodiment of wisdom.

When you are an authority or a master in an area of life that excites you, and continues to excite you, and it challenges you and drives you to continue to explore and learn, then you have something of enormous value to contribute to the evolution of humanity. Knowledge and theory, when it is combined with life experience, generates emotional intelligence, which over time, evolves into wisdom. The getting of wisdom is the universal purpose of life and the time to get it is now.

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