You Know You Want It

You’ve got a goal in mind, or a dream you want to manifest, but you’re not sure if you should go for it. It’s a case of desire versus fear. Or is it? Does there always have to be the same old wrestling match going on inside your head? When you overcome this duality, then you will find your way to move forward and onto the middle road called ‘Certainty’. You can sure instead of full of doubt. A lack of certainty, or doubt, is one of many names that can be used to describe fear. Your desire has to be more than your lack of certainty about it if you are going to be in with a chance to get what you want.

How much do you want it? Give it a score out of ten, where 10 means you really, really want it, and 1 means you don’t want it at all. Let’s say you want it, and so you’ve given your desire for it a score of 8. Now measure your fear about it, and in this case, it’s your doubts about it. How much does your doubt measure? Is it greater than how much you want it? If your desire is greater, then you know you should go for it, but if not, then you need to ask, ‘why?’ Do you lack confidence or is self esteem and self worth an issue? Is a matter of not letting it beat you? Is it because you are too proud? Or do you need to do more work on conquering your doubts? Conversely is it something you really need to do? Do you need to reassess your need for it? Is there some validity in your doubts?

Regardless of whether you are quite sure that you want something, or if you can’t decide that you want it, if there is a speck of doubt anywhere, it is vital that you pay attention to it. You are not meant to feed your doubts or fears, but you are also not meant to ignore them when they are in the room with you while you are trying to reach a goal or manifest a dream.

There is no room for doubt when you are absolutely certain. You have to be certain that your desire is greater than your fears and doubts if you want to be successful. Make a list of your doubts and investigate each one so that you can be certain you have not overlooked something important. It is dangerous to dismiss doubts without examining them properly. Doubts are often warning bells. There may have something useful to tell you. For more information about ways to work with fears, doubt and self sabotage, you can refer to exercises for the Saboteur Archetype, which can be found in “The Archetype Profile Process, Stage 1: Explore the Four Primary Archetypes” section of A Dialogue with the Soul – Using Personality Archetypes to Access Inner Wisdom.

If you really want something, then you have to decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it. If there is fear, then deal with it. Take one step towards a dream and the dream will take one towards you too. It’s a co-creative way to get what you want. Fear and doubt are obstacles that get in the way. Clear up doubt, and make room for your desires. Rather than working so hard to get there, it will come to you little easier because you’ve cleared the room of obstacles such as doubt and fear and made space for desire instead.

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