Creative Development for Solo and Micro Business Professionals

Does your business need you to be more creative? Maybe your business needs you to be more strategic? The right blend of creative thinking and critical thinking is fuel for strategic thinking. The right mix helps you to improve existing services, products and process. When you use critical and creative thinking effectively, it can aid in the development of entirely new or innovative services, products and processes. The right mix reduces the stress and anxiety of running a business.

What’s involved in a creative development program for solo and micro business professionals?

Develop and extend creative and critical thinking with gail goodwin melbourne Drive your business with creative power. Overcome creative blocks that hold back success.

When you focus on your creative development you can:

  1. Muse upon, explore, experiment, test and challenge existing thought patterns and strategies.
  2. Develop and adopt a questioning mindset
  3. Generate new ideas and responses
  4. Challenge, test and re-invent your ideas
  5. Self-evaluate your critical and creative thinking skills so that you develop the right mix of skills for individual business projects

Creative development involves exploring the following:

  1. Sub-culture surfing
  2. Mental wandering
  3. Mental contrasting
  4. Mental association
  5. Thought bombing
  6. Mental expansion and contraction
  7. Hero’s Journey® Profiling
  8. Stereotypes
  9. Archetypes
  10. Prototypes
  11. Creative Speculation
  12. Compare and contrast methods
  13. Creative weighted thinking
  14. Critical weighted thinking
  15. Creative Development Profiling
  16. Daydreaming techniques
  17. Reflection and visualisation techniques
  18. Identifying patterns and themes
  19. Mind setting and resetting
  20. Image mash ups
  21. Word mash ups
  22. Infographic organisation
  23. Mapping thoughts
  24. Metaphors and analogies
  25. Synchronistic associations
  26. Wishful thinking
  27. Wild guessing
  28. Intuitive linking
  29. Breaking rules
  30. Changing rules

So you strategies to work with your creative power.

Creativity boosts productivity. It streamlines business management. It’s an effective stress management tool. You can develop and extend your critical and creative thinking skills with creative development.

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