Creative Alchemy Produces Results

Fear of failure is a barrier that blocks my creative thinking. When the fear of failure runs deep, it also has the power to confuse, and ultimately sabotage, strategic thinking. Fear of failure makes it easy for me to avoid taking responsibility for my creative progress. This fear helps me stay within my comfort zones, despite the emotional anxiety, stress or unhappiness that it creates.

Creativity and Creative Alchemy Produces Results by Gail Goodwin 2015 Fear of failure has a negative impact on creative thinking and critical, strategic thinking.

After years of wrestling with a fear of failure, the upside is that I’ve found out how it operates. Now, I recognise the triggers, so I can adjust my thoughts and behaviour before it consumes me. A fear of failure can have a huge, negative impact on my time, energy, space and money. Better management of these four areas of my life can reduce many fears of failure and release my creativity.


Fear of failure has a detrimental affect on my ability to manage time. Fear of failure causes me to procrastinate. The quality of my decisions is reduced. My time and effort is wasted undoing the consequences of those decisions.


Fear of failure affects how well I manage my energy levels. Avoiding failure is a massive drain on my physical, emotional and mental energy levels. Trying to be perfect is debilitating. It drains my creative spirit.


Fear of failure reduces my ability to maintain my personal space. Mental confusion, due to fear of failure, blurs the boundaries between my personal life and working life, so a balance between work, rest and play is harder to achieve, or barely exists.


Fear of failure is a tax on my finances. Time, energy and space are valuable resources. The combination of poorly managed time, low energy levels and a lack of boundaries can barely encourage or support a strong, long term financial position. Passing up opportunities for success, due to a fear of failure, can cost me money.

Thoughts precede behaviour. When I take control of my time, energy, space and money, my fear of failure is reduced, and often removed. Barriers to creativity disappear. Increased productivity is the result.

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