When You Don’t Take Action Your Action is Taken From You

Too much thinking gets in the way of doing very much. Thinking too much takes up too much space in your head. Thinking too much about your idea drains your energy, so you lose the heart for it. Then you end up procrastinating, or feeling too tired, or without enthusiasm or motivation. Too much thinking and dreaming and not enough doing is debilitating. You can have big ideas, but you can also be small on taking action on them.

When too much thinking and not enough doing is getting you nowhere, the solution is to take affirmative action. If you are feeling stuck or lack motivation, because you are having trouble translating your thoughts into action, here are some questions to clear the way forward.

  1. Identify the first step you need to take. What is it? Write it down.
  2. What information do you need, or research could you do that would help you to take this step?
  3. Who could you talk to who would help to clarify this for you?
  4. Who’s already doing what you have been only thinking or dreaming about doing?
  5. Who could you spend time with so that achieving this goal becomes second nature to you?
  6. How can you get the knowledge or the information that you need?
  7. What are three things you can do that would help you this week?
  8. On a scale of 1 to 5, how excited do you feel about taking these actions?
  9. What would increase that score? For example, facing the fear, handling the fear, clearer steps, more support, more fun etc.
  10. What would an expert in this field do in your situation?
  11. What would this expert action look like to you? For example, is it exhilarating, inspiring, supportive or empowering?
  12. What will happen, for example, and how much will it cost you in time, relationships, energy, mental and emotional health, or money, if you were not to do anything about this?
  13. How do you feel about this outcome? Disappointed, disillusioned, thwarted, frustrated, sad, terrified, humiliated or ashamed?
  14. If you were to take action on your ideas, how do you think you might feel once your dreams come to fruition? Thrilled, accomplished, overjoyed, satisfied, content, pleased or confident?

Taking affirmation action breaks the cycle, but it’s not always easy to know where to begin. By breaking down your thoughts and ideas into smaller steps, you release energy that is stuck. Often, working out the first step or the next step reduces emotional and mental pressure. Working out the first step can be enough to get you moving. Exploring potential benefits and pitfalls associated with action and non-action clarifies your situation even further. Comparing how you will feel if you don’t go ahead, to how it will feel if you do, is another way to get you motivated. If you have a good idea, but you don’t take action on it, then your ability to take action is bound to be taken from you.

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