A Ripple of Intuition in a Sea of Wisdom

There are unlimited benefits to being intuitive. It helps you to be more creative. It sparks new ideas and innovative ways to get things done. It also reduces stress because you are not relying on logic alone to achieve your goals and dreams. Intuition is an alternative to logic, but it also complements logic to form an additional method you can use to solve problems. Wisdom is yet another gift you receive when you developing your intuition.

You might say that some people are more intuitive than others, but this is not quite the case. There are three levels of intuition. Those who appear to be more intuitive are actually using their top level intuition, while others may be using their base level intuition, or their mid-level intuition.  Everyone has access to the entire suite of intuitions, but some are yet to identify their current level of intuition in order to move onto the next level.

If you want to move into your higher intuition, then you have to be open to change.  You have to change the way you think, feel and behave. This is an easy statement to make, but it is not so easy to do. Resistance and self-sabotage typically come to the surface.

Your mind, your emotions and your actions will need to be fine-tuned.  This is so that you function in a different way, so if you are not prepared to do that, then being more intuitive will not be a realistic possibility.

Many highly intuitive people are not intuitive by choice. Life circumstances pushed them, forced them, and maybe even bullied or abused them into developing their:

  • survival instincts,
  • protective instincts,
  • creative instincts,
  • gut instincts,
  • emotional instincts,
  • nurturing instincts,
  • mental instincts,
  • spiritual instincts,

in order to be more intuitive. They did it the hard way. Not everyone has to go through a crisis or trauma to improve their intuition. There is an easier way to do it.

No-one likes change. At best, it’s inconvenient. At worst, change is terrifying, but there are benefits to be gained from changing your mind, and having a change of heart, and acting in accord with both.

Human beings spend the first 18 years  or so of their lives in a body that is growing every day. If they are normal and healthy, they will continue to grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually until the end of life.

You are changing everyday whether you know it or not.  Change does not have to be feared. Change is simply another word for growth.

If you want to change, because you want to be more intuitive, then the challenge is to step out of your comfort zones.

  • What areas in your life are bound by comfort?
  • Where are you too comfortable?
  • Further, where are you lazy, unmotivated, or apathetic?
  • What people, places, objects or situations do you take for granted?

They are your comfort zones.

Stepping out of your comfort zones, one at a time, does not mean that you should reject your relationships, or quit your job, or commit some other life changing, or people impacting act. Real change can happen when you change small things in your life too. They are the types of changes that create a ripple effect.

Step out of your comfort zones, but do it one zone at a time. Take small steps out of zones that are not so important to you. Get used to taking the small steps in less important zones, so that later on, you are better prepared to take the necessary steps out of zones that are more important to you.

When you are out of your comfort zone, sometimes the only way forward is to let your intuition guide you.

Be guided by the gentle promptings within you now, when it matter less, rather than let yourself be bullied by your fears later, when the situation hinges on a major crisis.

The definition of intuition is to know what you know without knowing how or why you know.

Acting intuitively often means that you learn to trust what you cannot see. You have two options. You have the option to gently train yourself to know without knowing how you know. Or you can wait until circumstances push you, force you, or bully you to learn.

There are many who want to be more intuitive but at the same time, they are afraid of change, and afraid to change. This impasse is one reason why your intuition cannot be developed beyond where it is now unless you are prepared to grow.

Isn’t it better and easier to learn to listen, trust and follow through on your intuition at your own pace, instead of being dictated by the winds of chance, and tornadoes of circumstance? Wisdom is one of the ultimate benefits gained from developing your intuition. Of course, it is entirely possible to gain wisdom without the help of intuition, but it might take you longer to do it with logic alone. When you work steadily on your growth, you will increase your intuition. As you continue at your own pace, you will become more and more consistent in your evaluation of intuitive insights, so that you generate wisdom from your experiences.

3 thoughts on “A Ripple of Intuition in a Sea of Wisdom

  1. Gosh, I love your articles! They really do resonate with me. I’ve been through all the instincts that you’ve mentioned above and the experiences were not pretty at all. I’m so lucky and blessed to have gone through it without killing myself. (Pardon me for my extremely blunt words!! Hehe.)
    I do agree with you to a large extent on changes. When we change, some things are created, while some are destroyed. People don’t want to destroy anything in life because they’ll miss them. But without destruction, they will be overwhelmed the the changes as well as the pasts. Aww, I just simply adore your advice!! Thank you so much for this!!! Many blessings!! 😀 x


    1. Thank you!. It is such a pleasure to know you enjoy them. You’re right. Creating and destroying, and construction and destruction are both a part of the growing (and changing) process.I use these themes a lot when I write about self-sabotage. It is easier to change when you know that something is being created as it is being destroyed. A bit of a paradox isn’t it? I might bring this into the next article. I’m not done with this thing called intuition yet!


      1. Yes indeed, I totally agree with you on that paradox. Haha! Oh well, this is life… Yes!! Please do write more of these articles. They’re really inspirational and uplifting. Your advices and suggestions are truly simple and most valuable. I’m looking forward to your posts on intuition!! Hehe. Have a great morning/evening ahead!! Sending you many blessings ❤ x


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