Intuition is Music to Your Soul

Many people believe they are not intuitive, but if the definition of intuition was clarified, and the levels of intuition were outlined, then many would change their beliefs about possessing this important human function.

There are three levels of intuition.

If you have ever found yourself in a life threatening situation, and you’ve somehow managed to survive it, then it’s possible you activated your base-note intuition to save you. Your survival instincts kicked in to protect you.

If you have ever had to find your way when you were lost, and you found your way back again, or you’ve had to compete for a something, such as a job, and you got it, or you’ve acted out of character to your advantage, or found an empty parking spot just after thinking you wish you had one, then you’ve probably relied on your gut instincts. Your gut instincts helped you. This is what I call middle-note intuition.

If you have ever gone out on a limb for someone and it’s been a bittersweet experience, or you had to take a flying leap of faith into the unknown, and the benefits and pitfalls gained as a result gave you a taste of divine paradox, then you’ve probably used your top-note intuition to do it.

There are few who could argue that they are not intuitive.

Generally speaking, all levels of intuition are fuelled by personal and collective empirical data.

Personal intuition is powered by your knowledge, and your experiences, and acquired wisdom that you have gathered up to this point in your life.

Collective intuition is driven by universally shared knowledge, universally shared experiences and acquired wisdom that humanity has gathered throughout the ages, up to this point in history.

Each person draws on personal and collective data and blends them to formulate their intuitive responses.  Intuition operates in a way that is unique to the individual.

Intuition is not always rational, but it is also not accurate to say that it is always irrational. However, it doesn’t stop your logical mind questioning or doubting its validity.  The mind prefers rational order and control. So does your ego. Somehow, you have to manage this dilemma. Here’s how I do it:

My intuition is at its best when I can say that something I am about to do feels right, and I think it is right too. My head and what I think, and my heart and what I feel, are united as one. They’re in concert with one another. I feel as though I’m dancing inside myself.

intuition by gail goodwin
Intuition is knowing that you know without knowing how or why you know.

I know when intuition has been guiding me if I have made a decision to do something, and I don’t know why, but I am certain, and it just feels right. When something feels right, and I think it is right, and I am certain that is right, then I can go ahead with it. I am acting intuitively. I am being intuitive.

When I am not certain, or I am stuck wondering whether it is right to go ahead with a decision or not, here’s what I do:

First, I IMAGINE that I’m going ahead with the decision.

Then I ask, how do I feel now that the decision is made? If I feel good about it, or I feel a sense of relief or some other more harmonious sense of being, then I go ahead with the decision. If I don’t feel a sense of harmony about the decision, then here’s what I do:

I IMAGINE that I don’t go ahead with the decision.

So then I ask, how do I feel? Do I feel at peace or harmonious about this? If yes, then I don’t go ahead with the decision.

One way or the other, I must feel right about whatever decision I make.  The decision I make must feel right and good, not just for me, but for as many people as possible.

If my mind and my ego are being especially obnoxious and resistant, and I am still bamboozled at this point, then I examine the quality of emotions that are driving me to make the decision. If a positive emotion is behind my decision, then I know I am less likely to sabotage the situation. If a negative emotion is fuelling my decision, then I know my chances of sabotage are increased.

Intuition is music to your soul. It creates a certain atmosphere of magic in your life. It plays a bittersweet tune that gently reminds you about your capacity to know without knowing how you know. Many people know many things, and subsequently do many things, without knowing how or why they knew so much at the time.

7 thoughts on “Intuition is Music to Your Soul

      1. Hehe, I LOVE it!! Thank you so much for posting this!! Too many people are suffering not knowing which choice to make. Your methods will definitely work because I’ve tried them before. They’re really amazing steps and so simple! So, thank you 😀 x


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