The First Step on the Path to Life Purpose

Some of the most popular questions I am asked concern our life purpose.  What is it? and How do I find it? are common. Recognising the path that leads to our life purpose comes first. We have to get on the right track before we can expect to be conscious of it.

When we honour and appreciate the earth, the whole of nature, and our heritage, we awaken the first step on the path to our purpose. We begin to realise that it’s our birth right to be here.

The earth is our life support system. By appreciating the earth, and where we’ve come from, and who has gone before us, and how this shapes our life today, it helps us to realise our place in the cosmos.

Every one of us is one piece of a puzzle that makes up the whole.

Accepting this is both empowering and humbling.

The first step is the best step. The first step on the path to our life purpose begins when we ground our body, soul and spirit to the earth.

3 thoughts on “The First Step on the Path to Life Purpose

  1. Hi Gail
    Have you considered that in reality everyone has the same life purpose? By that I mean, to regain access to what is called the Tree of Life. The journey is probably more likened to the Salmon swimming back upstream, most never make it and die on the rocks, but there are a few that do survive the journey and when they do they are able to bring forth new life and regenerate their species.


    1. Oh yes, I think all roads lead to “Rome” We might do it differently, depending on our strengths and weaknesses, faith, belief, determination, compassion, empathy, etc and these things are the personal differences we have, and we may specialise in a few of them, and those we do are our gifts to the world; aka our purpose.


    2. Oh yes, I think the ultimate purpose is universal, while our individual gifts are ours to develop and then share: a type of mini, individual and multi-faceted purpose. Our jewels fit into the crown.


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