Why is My Manifestation Process Unsuccessful? Reason #100

Nature has a visible authority over human beings in many ways.  Uncontrollable external forces exist, in the form of fire, flood, eruptions, cyclones and other natural disasters. Nature is a supreme, commanding, external force. Discounting or ignoring the phases of each lunar and sun cycle throughout your manifestation process hinders the progress of your manifestation.

If you plant your vegetable garden by the seasons, that are influenced by the cycles of the moon, and the sun, why would you begin a manifestation process out of season too? Your manifestation needs time to sprout. It needs time to shoot up through the earth, as it grows, reaching for sunlight. You have to tend to your garden if you want it to produce edible vegetables. Some plants may drop their leaves. Buds will appear. Some will flower while others wilt and die. Many of those that flower may drop their seeds to form new manifestations later.

You can co-create with nature more harmoniously when you align yourself with these forces. The cycles of nature, and the seasons, the moon and the sun, and other external forces that they influence will also impact the progress of your manifestations. Work with the cycles of nature, the seasons, the moon and the sun and other external forces if you want your manifestation process to be successful.

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