Brick Walls are Good for Your Soul

How badly do you want what you want? The brick walls you come across in your life are not put there to bang your head upon.  They are there to test your capacity to persevere, and to overcome them.

Now, get over them or walk around them.

They are designed to make you more determined, and more creative.

2 thoughts on “Brick Walls are Good for Your Soul

  1. Hi Gail
    Boy I sure hope you don’t get too tired of me.:) Anyway along the lines of your post, I had a dream once, and in this dream I was attending a class in martial arts. We were doing an exercise in attempting to break a board with our foot. Anyway one by one the students concentrated on the board and when shot their foot out, well lo and behold that foot stopped at the board with a resounding OUCH! Well it came time for my turn, and the One behind me said ‘put your focus beyond the board.’ So I did, and my foot passed right through the board.’
    Anyway I figure you see the application when it comes to ‘Brick Walls’ same principle applies.


    1. Not at all 🙂 A great analogy too: to look beyond what’s right in front of you. I wrote a poem about that once. I will search for it and post it when I find it. Dreams can be incredibly useful.


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