Spiritual Corruption is Bad for Your Health

The truth always hurts when it’s true for you. At the risk of being unpopular, yet again, I need to say that the sale of any manifestation process is a preposterous illusion. I’m not sure how some businesses obviously flout the law and get way with false advertising. There is growing evidence that their claims are not true. In fact, there is evidence to prove that they are 100% false. As far as I am aware, not one business has been sued. Yet.

Here is the evidence.

Some of the world’s leading manifestation experts are dead as a result of incurable, terminal cancer. The Law of Attraction and the Course in Miracles could not change the course of their health and thus, their lives, and sadly their deaths. Was a slow, painful death one of their desires? Surely not. Did they manifest this? Of course not. Did they manifest a long, healthy life? Apparently not.

This situation leads me to ask: Why is this so? If these expired experts were genuine masters of manifestation, then why did they not manifest their own good health and wellbeing? Especially when they told their devoted followers and customers over and over and over again in their advertising, books, services and other products, that by applying their manifestation processes they too could be, do and have anything they desired.

I’ve said this before about advertising such preposterous claims. You can’t get away with this type of illegal nonsense in Australia. The  state of this industry is questionable when this type of physical, emotional, mental and spiritually illegal activity is allowed to continue.

When you buy a manifestation process you will not get a warranty with it. There is no guarantee that it will work. This is because the sellers CANNOT IN ANY WAY GUARANTEE that it will work. But they will SELL YOU their process anyway.

Even a $15 toaster made in China comes with a 12 month, money back guarantee.

It appears that the manifestation industry is the only one with a permit to create and distribute false advertising and continue to remain in the business of selling costly manifestation processes that do not work to vulnerable, unwitting customers.

There are many reasons why the manifestation process does not work. This is the most obvious one.

Your manifestation process overflows into the whole of creation, so it affects everyone’s life. Therefore, the manifestation of your desires is not only about you. It has an impact on collective destiny. If the process and potential outcome of your manifestation process is likely to affect even one other person’s destiny in an adverse manner, then it will not be good for you either, and so your manifestation process will be unsuccessful. You can read the whole post here.

You can read my most scathing criticism of the process here. The entire category of faults I have identified with the manifestation process can be found here. To date, I have found 93 reasons why manifestation process won’t, don’t or can’t work.

Manifestation processes provide false hope to poor, vulnerable, sick, dying and terminally unhappy people. It is an abuse of spiritual power to sell false hope. But it is the type of behaviour you can expect from the spiritually corrupt. I’m astonished that such business practice is legal. I’m shocked when I see businesses affiliating with these fraudsters. I’m dismayed when I see they have the audacity to sell it and further, to brag about it.

One day in Chicago at her kitchen table, Dolores Myss, mother of Caroline and always in my heart, once told me: You know what makes God laugh, Gail? Tell him your plans.

If it is written in your destiny, there is nothing you can do to change it, although you can change your perspective about it. Some people, places, objects and events in life are not meant to be controlled, despite what the ego believes it can do.

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