A Pretty Good Purpose

Your life purpose is not always pretty. Your life purpose is much more than an exciting passion you want to pursue. Doing only what you love to do in terms of your life purpose will eventually become the spiritually lazy way to fulfil your life purpose. You do things the lazy way when you are young, or when you are a young soul, but as the soul grows in wisdom, it is no longer interested in what your ego would prefer to do in terms of your life purpose.

It is not possible to become spiritually fit when everything in your life goes your way all the time. Spiritual strength, like physical strength, cannot develop unless there is regular resistance. Unfortunately for the ego, negative experiences tend to provide the right amount of resistance. Deep, inner wisdom is not possible without sufficient knowledge combined with bad experiences. However, there is some good news. If you want a balanced life, then you need the good times and bad in equal measure. It is spiritually naïve to expect anything else.

Having a passion for something, and believing that passion informs you about your life purpose (such as a passion for writing, so you believe you have to write in order to fulfil your purpose)  is the self-help industry’s self indulgent approach to finding your life purpose.  This is a superficial method that works when you are first introduced to spiritual development and self help because if the path of spiritual development is presented as anything other than passionate and exciting, no one would ever dare to venture there. 

There is a difference between having a passionate and exciting life purpose and having a life purpose you don’t like.  To be sure, Jesus, Joan of Arc and Nelson Mandela were all passionate about their purpose, but they didn’t necessarily like what they had to do to realise it. They were reluctant heroes.  Jesus, Joan of Arc and Nelson Mandela may have learned to like their life purpose or not, but they got on with it anyway because they had to. A deep life purpose is like that. This does not mean that you must to be famous, or that you must do things on a grand or global scale in order to have a deeper life purpose. You do not. But at the same time as you progress through your own spiritual evolution, you will realise that you are not always meant to like what you have to do for your life purpose.

Rather than pretty, your life purpose may be pretty ugly. The life purpose you don’t like may be the one that has the most to offer. Wherever, and whenever you find resistance in your life, use it as an opportunity to develop your spiritual strength.  You will need it when you stumble on your deeper life purpose. 

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