Cleansing the Soul

You attract into your life everything that your soul needs you to learn. It is impossible to eliminate these things until you master the lesson they contain. Your soul is always waiting to help, guide and support you. It longs to be heard and will do what is necessary to get your attention.  Too many lessons can overwhelm your body, emotions, mind and spirit, bringing with this sensation the urge to be rid of them.  An impulse to cleanse or detox your body signals that there is something for you to learn from what you are trying to eliminate.

At first, the reason you put yourself on a detox program may not be the one that you think it is. Participating in fasting, eliminating or reducing behaviours usually indicate a lack of attention paid to your inner life, often due to too much attention paid to your outer life.  This overindulgence may also not be what you think it is. Chronic self-importance and prolonged self-entitlement, or on the other hand, a deficiency of appropriate self-importance and lack of self-nurture, stemming from patterns of blame and victim consciousness, is the cause of overindulgence and excessive self-focus. These issues cannot be eliminated in a detox done over two days, one week or even one month. The best you can hope for in this case is to draw into your life everything you need to point you towards what you are yet to work out in yourself. This will happen by virtue of psychological projection. You will find yourself denying, and therefore projecting onto others the same characteristics that you wish to eliminate.  In this manner, your lessons are destined to return to you. They will hound you until you master them.

The problem lies in the mind and emotions and much less in your body. A two day fast or a week long detox program is equivalent to a hiccup in a lifestyle that has been maintained throughout the course of a mostly unhealthy inner and outer life. If you have not paid enough attention to your soul and your inner life, it is not going to forgive you in two days. A brief detox will hardly even qualify as a band aid solution. It is not the remedy for deep emotional problems and mental issues. Detox programs are a hard and inefficient way to get you to pay attention to you and your soul.  Spiritual counselling, direction or mentoring is a better way to share and then relieve yourself of the burden of junk weighing down the soul in your life.

There are very few ways that detox programs and fasting may be of real and life changing value.  Appropriate diet, nutrition and exercise behavioural changes must be implemented. New attitudes to inner life health must be incorporated into a complete life style change based on a balance of inner and outer life focus. A detox program is useless unless it is combined with long term counselling before, during and after your program. You will know you are cleansed when you no longer need counselling and your need for a detox program is eliminated.

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