Soul Based Learning

You attract into your life everything that your soul needs your ego to learn. If you can’t let go of an issue, or you can’t surrender, or if it is still eating at you, then you know you have more to learn.

As long as anything:

  • A person,
  • place,
  • object,
  • feeling,
  • thought,
  • issue,
  • idea

continues to animate you in a positive way or a negative way, then you have something to learn from it. Examples of positive animation may be:

  • excitement,
  • joy,
  • motivation,
  • enthusiasm,
  • satisfaction or
  • wonder.

Negative animation may be:

  • anger,
  • bitterness,
  • jealously,
  • guilt,
  • grief or
  • depression.

This is how you recognise a soul lesson. If the thing that animates you lasts a short time, or a long time, or somewhere in between, it’s the degree of intensity that will tell you it’s a lesson.

There are lifelong lessons. They come in various levels of intensity. These lessons seem to take a long time to learn.

There are shorter lessons in life, of various levels of intensity, but less duration. They still have the power to teach you as well as a life lesson can, but it happens much faster.

There are small and large lessons. If you are only mildly excited about a situation, then you could say it’s a small soul lesson, whereas, being wildly excited about it, then you would describe it as a large soul lesson. If the situation lasts a long time or over a period of years, and it’s intensity is strong, then you would say it’s a primary life lesson. This is a major, core experience.  If the situation is brief and lacks intensity, then you would describe it as a secondary lesson.

Above all, you draw into your life everything you need to point you towards what you are yet to work out in yourself.

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