Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Power can be used constructively, or it can be abused. As awareness of your inner powers grows, your sense of responsibility expands with it. There are more choices and more decisions to be made. As you become more conscious of your inner powers, you need to be careful not to make any long term decisions when you are in a short term mood. A short term mood creates a false emotional atmosphere which tends to cloud the decision making process. This affects your ability to make a decision that is not only right for you, but if others are involved, they will also be affected.

Short term moods tend to be extreme or felt to excess. Extreme emotions are overly positive or overly negative. It may be common knowledge to avoid making a decision when you are in a bad mood, but less attention is given to the effects of making a decision when you are dizzy or drunk on happiness.  It’s too easy to lose your centre of balance when you are intoxicated.

Extreme emotions are excessive in a positive way or a negative way. They will cloud your judgement when it comes to making a good decision. The right decision can be made when you are centred, present and balanced. The ideal emotional and mental place to make a decision is when you are in the middle, in between the two extremes. Extreme or excessive emotions create inner turmoil and conflict. When you find your balance in the middle of these extremes, you are in harmony with the present moment. Your head and your heart, what you think is right, and what you feel is right is the same.

Extreme and excessive emotions are those that consume your heart and mind. Extreme and excessive emotions can be hypnotic because they hold you under their spell. You feel as though you are drowning in them. You can drown in a rapture of happiness just as easily as you can drown in misery and sadness. You can lose yourself in extremes. They possess you. You are unable to get away from them, or to let them go. Extreme or excessive emotions, including those that are bitter and nasty, and also those that are sticky and sugary sweet, cause a frenzy of confusion that distorts your ability to make the right decision.

Overly negative emotions cause confusion and can be destructive. Overly negative and excessive or extreme emotions can manifest as feeling betrayed, rejected, wounded, abandoned, hurt, angry, jealous, envy, violated, depressed, lustful, greedy, grossly uneasy, incredibly uncomfortable, grindingly boring or doubtful. These emotions can be hell. They are black and murky, and their darkness will blind you and your ability to make the best decision.

Overly positive emotions create a frenzy of energy, which can also be destructive. These emotions are heaven to experience: Euphoria, ecstasy, bliss, rapture, exhilaration, thrilled, elation, exultation, jubilation, but their lights are blinding. Looking directly into the sun will blind you momentarily, and if you do it too often, you will damage your eyesight. The same can be said about excessive positive emotions. They will blind your ability to make the best decision.

It can be hell when you experience excessively negative emotions. It is heaven when you experience extremely positive emotions, but the truth is you are not meant to live in hell or heaven. You are human, and you live on earth. You are meant to experience the harmony found in the middle, in between the extremes of heaven and hell. It’s the place that’s just right for you. The best time to make a decision is when you are grounded. When you are grounded, your spirit is earthed into the present moment. You can demystify the confusion brought on by excessive and extreme emotions when you experience a sense of inner harmony. You have to keep your wits about you. The key is to balance your emotions. When your emotions and thoughts are balanced you will be in harmony with your decision.

Balanced emotions that signal inner harmony are clarity, peace, calmness, certainty, motivation, enthusiasm, eagerness, keenness, a sense of expansion, contentedness, satisfaction.

What can you do to move yourself into a place of balance?

  1. Identify your unwanted extreme emotion.
  2. Identify the harmonious emotion that you wish to embrace.
  3. Then do one or more of the following until you feel balanced.
  • Meditate until you generate balance inside yourself.
  • Visualise Imagine that you have plugged your spirit, in a similar way that you would plug in a cord into an electric wall socket. Now unplug from the unwanted emotion and plug your spirit into the emotion you need to help you make your decision.
  • Affirm your way out of the extreme emotion and into a more harmonious one. For instance: “The energy that I had plugged into jealousy and envy is now invested motivation. I am moving away from jealousy and into motivation. I am focused on motivation. I am motivated.” Or: “The energy that I had plugged into exhilaration is now invested in satisfaction. I am moving away from exhilaration and towards satisfactions. I am focused on being satisfied. I am satisfied.”
  • Write about it using a stream of consciousness writing style. Don’t hold back. Let it all out of your system and dump it on to the paper. Then burn it. Do it more than once if you need to.
  • Try a ritual to help you surrender the old emotion. Use another to help you embrace the new one.
  • Exercise the unwanted emotion out of your body. Jump, dance, run or sweat it out of your system. Cast it out. Empty yourself of it, so that you make way for the emotion you need.
  • Profile a single archetype to help you surrender the old emotion. Use another archetype to help you embrace the new one.

When your emotions are balanced, go ahead and make your decision.

When you are not in a place of emotional balance, you are in danger of reacting instead of making a considered response.  Once you put yourself in the middle, you are in harmony. Harmony is a place of emotional balance, where you can see all sides and, therefore, more possibilities and the effects of your decisions. You have a bird’s eye view of the potential upside and downsides to the decision you are about to make. When you shift your focus from the extremities of emotions, and inject your energy into the balance in between, you will find your own middle road. This is your personal place of harmony and balance.  Then you will make the decision that is right for everyone concerned.

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