Beyond Doubt Lies a Mountain of Destiny

Your destiny can be found on the brink of your comfort zone. The problem is, if you don’t know what your destiny is, then you may be less than enthusiastic about reaching out for it. Risk taking is not appealing when you don’t know why you must do it. For the most part, human beings have a tendency to ignore the promptings in their heart, and their intuitive feelings and sensations. They prefer to know why they are doing what they do, or are about to do. They like reasons why, and a lot of evidence to prove that what they are about to do is the best thing to do. When they feel satisfied, then they act on it. That they feel satisfied is important to note, because, even though many people might prefer reason over feelings, they make their decision to take action based on certain reasons they have identified in their mind, but they also activate their feelings in order to feel satisfied that what they are about to do it is right for them.

With this in mind then, reason and logical thinking does not appear to operate in a void. The thinking mind does not work alone. Your head, and what you think, and your heart, and how you feel, join forces to either make a decision to act, or to let it go and take no action. When your head and your heart line up with each other, when they are on the same team, then defining and reaching your destiny is possible. The following approach to finding your destiny is based on the premise that you can take your brain with you as you follow your heart.

If you want to fulfil your destiny, then your task is to 1) Define Your Destiny, and then 2) Go For It.

Define Your Destiny

Your destiny is your individual, predetermined life course. Your destiny is not a job or career, or relationship. Moreover, your destiny is not your fate. Your fate is something that you think and you feel are beyond your control, similar to bad luck or good luck. Your destiny, on the other hand, is your calling. Your destiny is something you are compelled beyond all doubt to pursue. Your ego may like your destiny or not, but deep in your soul, where your heart and your mind unite, you know you have to follow it. It is easier to follow your destiny when what you think it is, and what you feel it is, are the same, and when you feel it is right and you think it is too. Your destiny is something that is in you, and you are in it.

Furthermore, contrary to popular opinion, your destiny not something you are called to do. It is something you are called to be. There are two parts to your destiny. One part of your destiny requires you to define what you want to be. The other asks you to identify what you need to do to reach it.

One way to practice getting on track with your destiny is to think about what you want to be. Consider those human qualities and characteristics that you value, those that are deeply important to you. These are the characteristics of your destiny. Identify qualities and characteristics that resonate not only in your heart and your mind, but in your body too. Do you want to be the embodiment of qualities and characteristics such as being honest, loving, creative, peaceful, adaptable, courageous, honourable, trusting, faithful, knowledgeable, congruent or conscious? There are many more than you can see listed here, so name those that ring true for you. Which qualities are calling you to them? Do the qualities you’ve chosen make you feel good and in harmony with them? Are you excited, inspired or enthusiastic about them? Are you at one with these qualities or do you feel bored, doubtful or heavy about them? Go for those that you not only think are right, but they also feel right for you. Make a list of qualities and characteristics that you feel compelled beyond doubt to own.

Put some quiet time aside to be by yourself. Reflect on each of the qualities you have listed. Take the qualities that make your soul sing and your spirit soar. In your mind’s eye, see them as a gift that has arrived in a box at your door. To open the box means you have accepted the gifts inside. The box contains your destiny. Open the box.

Go For It

Now you have identified the characteristics of your destiny, the next step is to do what you need to do to reach it. Everyone’s destiny is an individual experience, so your particular path to it will be different according to your personality, and that is where, when you need help and support, individual Soul Purpose Facilitation, coaching and mentoring fits into your destiny process. However, reaching your destiny is also a universal undertaking, so there are tasks common to many on this path. Metaphors are a useful way to convey a message about universal pursuits such as destiny. Imagine that your destiny is like a mountain on the horizon. If you hold it in your sights all the time, then you are bound to reach it. You can’t miss your mountain. It’s too big, and it will always be there. When your mind’s eye is constantly held on your mountain, then everything you do will begin to revolve around it. In this way, your destiny will become central to your life, and naturally over time, and in a way that becomes second nature, you will be closer and closer to it.

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Once you’ve opened your destiny box and you’ve accepted your destiny gifts, then you need to make a commitment to yourself that you will apply at least one of these gifts, that is, your destiny characteristics, in every opportunity and in any area of life that it may be relevant or necessary. When the situation calls for a gift such as love, or courage or hope, then if that is one of your destiny characteristics, then it’s up to you to be that, to embody it. The situation has called you. It’s a part of your destiny to be that, to become it.

If you want to reach your destiny, there are times along the way when your only means of transport is to take a flying leap of faith. This is when you have to take note of the location of your comfort zones. You know that you’ve reached the edge of your comfort zone when faith in yourself is being tested. Take one small step outside your zone of comfort. Let that space become familiar to you. When it is, then take another, and then another. Always keep your mind’s eye on your mountain. Your destiny is calling you, and it’s up to you to follow it if you want to find it and then live it.

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