An Introduction to the Archetype Profile Process

When the road ahead of you is blocked, it’s difficult to move forward. This tends to create a spiral of problems. One or two random things go wrong which appear to set off a series of events that cause chaos to seep into your most cherished areas of life. It’s almost impossible to hold back the overflow and its effects.

I believe it is possible to find at least one answer to most problems, and more often, I’ve discovered in my work with clients, that we find two or three solutions, so you actually end up with more options than you originally thought were available.

If it’s not possible to find a solution, then the problem is not a problem. It’s a mystery. Even so, some mysteries can be solved, while others are not meant to be, or else the word ‘mystery’ and its meaning would become redundant. Is your situation a mystery? Is it meant to remain that way? If not, then you are bound to find the answer when you have the right tools for the task. Like searching for hidden treasures, together we can unearth your 12 ideal roles, your 12 life lessons, your 12 soul challenges, and the 12 aspects of your spiritual purpose in life. They are the clues and missing pieces in your puzzles. How do you find them? We need to identify your 12 personality archetypes first. This is done during the Archetype Profile Process, where you can learn to solve many of life’s problems too. When you’re aware of your archetypes, you can use them as keys to unlock doors on solutions that work for you. Archetypes are patterns of behaviour. They’re tools you can use for the rest of your life. Once you identify your archetypes, we will pinpoint your 12 ideal roles, your 12 life lessons, your 12 soul challenges, and the 12 aspects of your spiritual purpose. They reveal the most important physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements that are crucial to the survival of your spirit, and your ability to give, share, receive and ultimately thrive in the world.

In essence, your Archetype Profile information reflects the culmination of what you need to know right now about your many and varied personal experiences to date. This provides us with unlimited resources to draw on to help us formulate your individual 12 ideal roles, your 12 life lessons, your 12 soul challenges, and the 12 aspects of your spiritual purpose in life. Your ideal roles are those that fit you best. They come naturally to you. Your life lessons indicate what you are meant to learn from the people, places and things in your world. Your soul challenges help you to see that there are two sides to every story that your archetypes have to tell. You swing from one side to the other until you find the balance somewhere in between that is just right for you. Life becomes less challenging and more at peace, when you find your own middle way. Your spiritual purpose represents your calling. The 12 aspects of your spiritual purpose are like 12 jewels in your spiritual crown. Each aspect is a brilliant, sparkling, multi-faceted diamond that shines and reflects your highest qualities and deepest values at the same time.

Each person’s archetypes will be different to those in Table 1, (a sample chart) apart from the four primary archetypes. They are the Child, Victim, Prostitute and Saboteur. These are archetypes we have in common. In addition, everyone has eight secondary archetypes. Your eight personal archetypes are the archetypes that make you different to everyone else. Each person’s roles, lessons, soul challenges and spiritual purpose is rarely the same. They will use different words to those that you might use. Everyone’s archetypes are different so the way people define and describe the roles they play and their life lessons, challenges and purpose will be different. The Profile Process is designed to reveal your own, unique life stories. The purpose of creating your Archetype Profile is to identify and understand the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual specifics that make you different, and then to use them as your personal assistants in every aspect of your life. Rather than, sabotage your relationships, money, work, career or business, creative potential, and life purpose, the Archetype Profile Process outlines a realistic plan that feels right for you. It resonates with you because it comes from the wisdom of your soul.

Table 1.

My 12 Archetypes – Example
1. Saboteur
2. Victim
3. Teacher
4. Warrior
5. Seeker
6. Student
7. Shapeshifter
8. Mother
9. Judge
10. Prostitute
11. Child
12. Hermit

Let’s say that you’ve worked through the Archetype Profile Process with me or a Soul Purpose Facilitator, and you’re now at this final stage. Imagine that you have identified the archetypes on Table 1 as your own. We would then proceed to work through a series of exercises based on your 12 personal archetypes. This will help us to identify your roles, lessons, challenges and your spiritual purpose.

Table 2 outlines an example chart of ideal roles, life lessons, soul challenges, and the spiritual purpose based on the personal archetypes in Table 1. These elements are fundamental in terms of helping us to solve problems. Each one is especially helpful when it comes to surviving and thriving in those areas of life that are important to you.

Table 2.

Be On Purpose Chart
Table 2. Be On Purpose Chart – Example

Archetypes are a powerful and unlimited source of information, insights and inspiration. Your Archetype Profile is much more than a personality indicator. Table 1 and Table 2 are just a small piece of a much larger pie that makes up your entire Archetype Profile Process.

The Archetype Profile is a dynamic tool for personal growth that you can master with ease. Long after our sessions, you will be able to use your Archetype Profile as a tool to access fresh and new insights in every area of your life.

When you are not aware of your archetypes, they become the road blocks, dangerous ditches and precarious cliff-hangers on the road through life. When you are conscious of your 12 archetypes, you have given yourself a precious gift. It is your licence to drive the vehicle that is your life with greater confidence. Your archetypes are solid building blocks that pave the road ahead. They offer clear, readable signposts and instructions to help you navigate your way through the types of problems we inevitably encounter throughout life.

Your Archetype Profile is like a trusted soul companion that never leaves your side. Once you’ve got it, you can count on it. It will always be there for you.

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