Your Seven Inherent Powers

You possess seven inner resources to draw on whenever you need power. One of the secrets to good health is to not invest your life force, which is your power, into illusions. The other is to realise these seven inherent powers. If spiritual development is a genuine and powerful process of transformation, that means it will get you moving closer to your truth when you let it. Your seven inherent powers are not illusions. They are:

  1. Survival power
  2. Creative power
  3. Personal power
  4. Emotional power
  5. Will power
  6. Mental power
  7. Spiritual power

It is in stillness that you can renew these powers. And with laser like precision, focus your attention into these powers. Allow your life force to refuel them, one at a time. Greater power brings with it more choice, so where you move to next is up to you.

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