Living Your Truth is Not Found on Eggshells

It is an illusion to think that living your truth will be a pleasure cruise. It will be a challenge. Living your truth will not be nice and pretty. At best, it will be bittersweet. You will have to take the downs with the ups because that is the cyclic nature of the whole of life. You are a part of nature, so it is unavoidable. You can expect to lose every popularity contest you ever dare to enter, because the ability to live your truth is based on how honest you are prepared to be with yourself and others. There is no room for pussyfooting around on egg shells when you are living your truth. Here are some facts about what’s true about living your truth:

  • You can’t live your truth until you find it.
  • You can’t find your truth until you learn to speak it.

Speaking your truth is not difficult. It’s simple, not complicated. Be honest, or live a lie. This reality is harsh, but that does not mean that you need to be harsh, rude or crude if you want to speak your truth. In fact, the opposite is called for. You need compassion, wisdom and tactfulness to speak your truth, so start doing what you need to do to develop those qualities. They will support your ability to speak your truth.

If you decide that you are afraid to speak your truth, then you are destined to stay where you are. You will remain stuck, trapped, tied up, gagged and bound to wait and tread water until you metaphorically drown in your unhappiness, or realise that the benefits of speaking your truth will outweigh the payoffs you get by remaining dishonest with yourself and others.

It takes a great deal of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy to maintain a lie. The stress and tension that it generates is toxic. It can make you sick. If you are not being honest, then you are lying to yourself and others, they will sense that too. It arouses their suspicions. They will question your motives and your loyalty, and they will find it difficult to put their trust in you, but if this appeals to you more than expressing your truth, then don’t stop what you are doing. Don’t complain either.

To speak honestly is to speak your truth. If what you say is honest, then you know you are not lying to yourself and others. When being honest and speaking your truth becomes second nature to you, then you will have found your truth.

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