Hope is a Habit

Hope lifts my spirit. Hope declares the start of better things. Without hope, I am hopeless.

hope is a habit by gail goodwin Hope is a habit. It’s an emotion that enables a positive frame of mind. Image by Benno Poeder

Hope inspires a positive attitude. It’s difficult to encourage a positive mindset without first igniting a sense of hope. It’s common to encourage false hope. It’s an easy way for me to avoid listening to other’s deal or not deal with their problems. Telling someone it will be okay when I know there’s a greater chance it won’t be is dishonest. For whatever reason, if I don’t want to engage with other people’s problems, then I must be honest and tell them. I don’t want to enable the continuation of their difficulties by giving them false hope. My conscience won’t allow it.

A glimmer of hope is all I need to turn a situation around from negative into positive. Here’s how I offer a sense of genuine hope when supporting others, and how I instill it in myself:

  1. First, identify all the negatives. All of them. Be ruthless. Identify every one of them. The sense of relief that results from this first step is liberating. It tends to free up a lot of energy, which can be used to tackle the second step.
  2. Next, solve, fix or genuinely eliminate as many negatives as possible.
  3. Then identify the good in the remaining bad.
  4. Spend more time and energy focusing on the good.

Inspiring hope in others and in myself requires some effort. Hope needs to become a habit because it’s an emotion that enables a positive frame of mind. When it’s second nature to hope more often than it is to feel hopeless, then a more positive frame of mind is possible.