Archetypes: A Model for Personality Profiling

Who am I? What am I meant to do with my life? Why am I here? What is my purpose? How do I achieve it?

The answers are unique to you, your personality and your life challenges. They can be found in your Archetype Personality Profile.

Let me explain how Archetype Personality Profiling works.

Everyone’s life is packed full of stories. Big and small. Intrinsic and extrinsic. Micro stories and macro stories. There are stories about how you manage your relationships, your intuition, your health, your creativity, your career, your personal resources, your studies, your thoughts, your emotions, your behaviour, your habits and your learning.

There are stories about how you make decisions, manage change and crises, problem solve, and communicate. There are even more stories about your purpose, your potential and your metaphysical position. Each one is a micro story that contributes to one macro story. And that is the story of your who.

Who are you? Archetypes can answer that question. And more.
Who are you?
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You can use your Archetype Personality Profile to identify your who. It’s your true, authentic self. And when you connect with your who, you’ll be able to find your what, why and how.

As stories, identifying and describing your archetypes brings meaning to your circumstances. Archetypes explain chaos and provide you with ways to manage it. They can answer the macro questions in life. And the micro questions.

Archetypes tell your story. In response to a series of questions, you will select eight archetypes, and combine them with the four shared by everyone to make up your twelve archetypes.

Archetype Personality Profiling is a collaborative process. It can be a facilitated, where the process usually takes 6 x 30 minute sessions. Or you can choose the self-directed option.

And because there are things you don’t know about yourself, but others can see clearly, you may decide that you want to collaborate with trusted friends, colleagues or family members at various stages of the profiling process by seeking input and feedback from them.

Self Authored Archetypes

Since archetypes describe your stories, that means you are the author of your life. You’ll be guided to analyse your archetypes, using mental contrasting, to deconstruct each one by identifying its positive and negative characteristics, both in equal measure.

It’s alchemy, 101. When elements in opposition are brought together and unified, transformation is the result. Positive and negative forces coalesce because of a third, catalytic agent. That catalyst is your spirit.

Self-authoring your archetypes allows you to produce an accurate picture of your personality. The Self-Authored Archetype Process starts with what you know about your personality. And here’s one of the fascinating things about this: Archetypes will break through any tendency to focus only on one side of it. That is, either the upside or the down side. And as the two sides merge into one archetypal power, you will learn more about your true self, your inner strengths, areas for development, challenges, fears, gifts, talents, and purpose.

Once you find your who, then your what, why and how become clear because archetypes indicate options that align with your true self.

The immediate benefits are clear, but an important one is missing. It’s an indirect benefit.

Long term users report that generating your Archetype Personality Profile deepens their connection to their intuition. And because intuition is not infallible, by working with your archetypes, you’ll learn how to develop the skills to discern your most useful intuitions.

As a living document, generating your Archetype Personality Profile can put you in touch with the wisdom in your soul.

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