Mindful Magic

Making a conscious connection with an archetype is no ordinary experience. Invoking the power in an archetype can produce some seriously good magic, and some, not so good.

If it gets into the wrong hands, archetypal power can be manipulated, distorted and destructive. Archetypal power is massive power because the collective unconscious mind drives it.

Too often, politicians are guilty of using the darker side of the trickster and shapeshifter archetypes to manipulate the truth to suit their political agenda.

Politicians use archetypal power. We know it as political power, but the source is archetypal. Often, politicians invoke the darker side of the trickster and shapeshifter archetypes to manipulate the truth to suit their political agenda. Some have used this power for good. Nelson Mandela used the power in the Martyr archetype to move a nation.

Marketing, advertising and social media influencers invoke archetypal power to appeal to your personality archetypes. Your personal archetype and the archetype being conveyed by the business or the influencer connect. They either match or complement each other. Both archetypes connect at an unconscious level, so you’re more inclined to trust their products and services and therefore, make a purchase. Which is great if you want the stuff, but it can be detrimental when you don’t, especially if you can’t afford it.

The power of the Companion archetype, specifically the camaraderie associated with it, has been invoked to sell gambling to the real lads. It keeps the diehard engaged and appeals to potential gamblers. Join the gang. We’re all in this together. It’s what lads do. But to outsiders, it looks like a warped version of secret men’s business.

Archetypal power, when used in a destructive manner, will eventually turn in on the one invoking it. You can’t escape archetypal power. This is because archetypal power, good or bad, affects everyone involved. Like I said, archetypal power is driven by the collective unconscious mind.

Whereas a mindful, constructive use of archetypal power touches every one involved in a healthy way. When you invoke the Healer archetype, and use it constructively, for example, by sending soothing thoughts and well wishing words to a friend before an operation, thinking well of them during the operation, and then holding their hand after it, your efforts will be instrumental in contributing to their recovery (Feldman Barrett, 2018).

Imagine the positive impact that invoking the power of the Healer archetype could have on the environment. Or the impact on difficult social issues.

Think of the impact that the combined power of the Healer and Mediator archetypes could have on war and conflict.

Imagine what the archetypal power of the Healer archetype can do with war and conflict.
Imagine the impact that the Healer archetype could have on war and conflict.

If you’re struggling to understand why someone did something, be like Jung. Look at the consequences and infer the motivation. Have the consequences improved the situation or made it worse?

Archetypal power can be a force for good. Or not. Archetypal power is a loose cannon unless you harness it. You need a decent moral compass to navigate it if you want go do some good with it in this world.


Feldman Barrett, L 2018, How emotions are made: the secret life of the brain, Pan Books, London.

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