Intuition By Another Name

There’s been a lot of talk about how listening and following your intuition can enhance your life. And it’s true, it will, but there’s more to it than simply listening to your intuition and then acting on it.

Contrary to what you might think, you’re already listening to your intuition, but you may not realise it. To put it another way, everyone is in constant contact with their intuition.

What do I mean? Your intuition has a name. It’s called the Saboteur. Your Saboteur archetype. One half of the Saboteur you know well. It’s your inner critic. The other half is your inner guide. You could say that the Saboteur archetype has two faces.

According to Myss (2001), everyone has the Saboteur archetype. It’s one of many archetypes that influence your behaviours and therefore, the characterisation of your personality.

Archetypes are like stories, and there are at least two sides to every story. The story of the Saboteur is no different.

The helpful side of the Saboteur, your inner guide, does a back flip when it’s constantly ignored. It flips into the inner critic in an attempt to get your attention.
Are you flipping the inner critic into the inner guide, or flipping the inner guide into the inner critic?

What happens is that the helpful side of the Saboteur, your inner guide, does a back flip when it’s constantly ignored. It flips into the inner critic in an attempt to get your attention. It starts nagging at you because asking nicely didn’t work. Side note: I’m sure parents can relate to this.

When the nagging doesn’t move you, then the internal commentary can get out of hand. The voice in your head makes the usual snide remarks. Belittling insults are thrown at you, disrupting your concentration, distracting you into procrastination, stalling you with perfectionism, and generally draining your mental and emotional intelligence. Exhausting isn’t it? It’s easier to pay attention to the quiet voice of your inner guide before it gets ugly.

While everyone is intuitive, it’s not that some are more intuitive than others. It has more to do with how well you communicate with your Saboteur. And identifying which side you’re talking to at the time.

Communicating with your inner guide, or your inner critic, involves paying attention to it, listening to it, and creating a respectful dialogue with it, and sometimes, acting on it. And learning to say no to it. Sometimes. Yes, there are times when you need to say a conscious no not only to your inner critic, sometimes you might need to refuse your inner guide. Personal boundaries are important, even internally.

You want to communicate with the Saboteur in the same way you would an objective, trusted friend. A friend that is capable of playing the devil’s advocate and a guiding angel for you, whenever necessary.

A good friend will be honest with you and tell you when you’ve got spinach in your teeth or when you’re behaving like a dork. They might give you their honest opinion or advice but if it’s not a resounding yes for you, then you don’t blindly follow it. You might research your options before you decide what you need to do next.

The upshot here is that it’s not a matter of squashing the inner critic or trying to ignore it if you want to use your intuition to enhance your life. You don’t need to blindly follow your inner guide either, especially if it the path doesn’t ring true for you.

Communicating with your inner guide before it flips into the inner critic will make your life easier, but if you’ve missed that opportunity, then all is not lost.

You want a win win here. Your role is to mediate the dialogue between both parties so that you decide. And you do what’s true for you.


Myss, C 2001, Sacred Contracts: awakening your divine potential, Random House, New York.

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