Raising Your Spirit

Fear of doing the thing is often worse than actually doing it.

Fear is debilitating. If wearing a pair of glasses could show you what happens to your spirit when you’re in the grip of fear, what would they reveal? Where is your mental energy? Scattered. Where is your emotional energy? Drained. Where is your physical energy? Depleted.

Fear can throw you off centre and even out of yourself. You’re left with more of your spirit out of your body than in it. The mind-body connection is lost. You end up feeling stuck. Creatively blocked. Trapped. You can’t move forward. Self-doubt takes over.

If this is the case, then you need to get your energies flying in formation. You want your three energies to become one. Energy that’s flying in formation is under your control. It can be directed anywhere you choose. You can direct the energy to raise your spirit.

Time for a reframe.

Order those butterflies to pull together and fly as one
Image by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Picture this. Those butterflies in your stomach. Is it self-doubt? Or is it excitement, anticipation, creativity, inspiration or even passion trying to emerge?

Alright, if it is self-doubt, you know you can use your mind to focus on the power that’s driving your self-doubt. Point that power into acting on what you need to do to get the thing done.

You can order those butterflies to pull together and fly as one towards your destination.

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