One Way to Make Real Magic

The ability to make real magic is an inside job. It depends on the quality of your thoughts, emotions, and your physical energy levels. If you want to make real magic happen, then you need to be ready to start working from the inside out. It’s how the ancient mystics did it. Modern mystics swear by it. And you can do it too. If you master your thoughts and emotions.

I’m not hangry!
Mental and emotional stamina rely on your physical energy. Physical energy improves when you reduce your physical and personal environmental challenges, so that they don’t exceed your ability to function effectively. Being thirsty or hungry, feeling too hot or too cold, a lack of sleep, too much or not enough exercise will affect your ability to take responsibility for your thoughts, and emotions (2018). These adverse circumstances can influence the quality of your decisions.

Be ready to make some real magic.
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I don’t get hangry!
Most people will know of someone who made a poor decision or acted out of character while they were in the grip of being hangry. We know it’s difficult for children to concentrate on their studies when they’re hungry. And long-term, a poor diet can produce lower learning outcomes. Parents of new-born babies will know that in the morning, after a lack of sleep, they feel like they’re in hang-over mode even though not a drop was consumed the night before.

I can’t be hangry!
While physical and personal environmental challenges are the first to be addressed when you’re taking care of babies and children, these things may be so simple or obvious that they’re easily overlooked. Especially when it comes to you and your physical needs. More so if your focus is caught up out there in the world, rather than on what’s happening deep inside you.

I’m hangry?
Now, I know I said that generating real magic is an inside job, but sometimes you need to invite some assistance in while you’re there. You may need professional support to overcome more complex barriers that impact your ability to master your thoughts and emotions. Complex barriers may include, but are not limited to, illness, pain, poor eating or drinking habits, and unknown allergies.

I’m hangry.
It takes more than your thoughts and emotions to make real magic happen. Real magic relies on your physical energy. To master your thoughts and emotions like a mystic, first, do what you need to do to reduce or remove the causes that deplete your physical energy. Then you’ll be ready to make some real magic.


Feldman Barrett, L 2018, How emotions are made: the secret life of the brain, Pan Macmillan, London.

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