No Fluff Soul Stuff

A life lived with soul has guts. Years ago I wrote about how manifesting and visualising for something so hard can push you away from your goal rather rather than closer to it. Like, why is my manifestation process not working? Back in 2013-2014, I listed 101 reasons why it was not.

Here’s the thing. When we attempt to manifest a goal, our visualisation is informed by our conscious awareness. But our conscious awareness has its limitations. So we end up thinking that we want one thing but our soul is urging us towards something very different. It’s a matter of what we think we want versus what our soul needs. I don’t know about you but I’m thinking this is pretty scary stuff.

Seriously, how in control of this process do you really feel? On one hand, I want this, but on the other hand the deeper, wiser and therefore superior part of me is determined to have something else. And I’m pretty sure I’m not going to like the something else that my soul has in mind for me. Because, in my experience, and I’m sure if you’ve lived long enough, you will agree it’s your experience too, we are always roped into facing our deepest fears whether we like it or not. Yes, facing our fears is the path to manifesting what our soul desires. We are not on our soul path if we’re always havin’ fun in the sun.

So what I’m saying here is that we need to get to know our soul. Before, not after, manifesting. Why? Before manifesting, chopping wood, carrying water. After manifesting? Chopping wood and carrying water.

Make friends with your soul. Tune it to your soul, and stay there, and make it a priority, so that you’re led by the deeper, wiser, superior you: Your Sacred Self. No fluff soul stuff. Real manifestation.

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