To the Bearer of Feminine Power

Once upon a time there was a bearer of feminine power. The bearer fought and defeated many dragons. Nonetheless, success was shallow. Something was missing. Thirsting for fulfilment, and lost in the desert, our bearer persevered, urged onward and into multidimensional power.

The heroine’s journey begins, according to author of The Heroine’s Journey (1990) Maureen Murdock, when our heroine rejects or is separated from their original feminine power to embrace a new way of life. This separation is known as the mother/daughter split, where the heroine embarks on the journey as the metaphorical daughter, having split from their original, internal feminine power, or having separated from their mother, or mother-like figure.

Our heroine proceeds to identify with masculine power. They enter a masculine dominated sphere of life. The heroine perceives masculine power as systems in society organised on masculine dominated lines in which women are often excluded. This means that our heroine must fight for a place in society, standing up to the masculine power that is strangling the heroine’s options in life.

To the bearer of feminine power, our heroine faces the saboteurs, by Gail Goodwin 2021
Our heroine overcomes the obstacles and hurdles

Enter, the dragon.  Our heroine comes face to face with saboteurs who attempt to destroy the heroine. Saboteurs try to convince our heroine to give up on their chosen path. But the heroine wins. Dragons are conquered. Hurdles and obstacles are overcome.

Nonetheless, our heroine’s sense of achievement is only temporary. Success feels hollow. The heroine’s new way of life is empty even though it appears full. Something is amiss. Identifying with masculine power alone has become too restricting for the heroine. To continue in this way would be an act of self-betrayal. Selling one’s soul is costly. Maintaining the illusion is draining. Feeling spiritually dead, the heroine is about to enter the desert.   

A crisis ensues. Parched for meaning and fulfillment while surrounded by “success”, the heroine is plunged into despair. While the masculine strategies worked in the past, they are no longer enough to solve this crisis.

Our heroine is stuck. Energy is depleted. Motivation has dried up. Unable to go back to the initial, masculine power position, the heroine yearns to reconnect with feminine power.

The urge to reconnect consumes our heroine. It drives the heroine to reclaim their feminine power. One by one, our heroine resurrects their original feminine powers, strengths, values, skills, and attributes. Thirst is quenched, hunger is pacified. After returning from the desert, our heroine has a new perspective and a deeper appreciation of these traits and characteristics. Embracing feminine power once again, our heroine heals the mother/daughter split.

Secure and assured of their feminine power, now the heroine makes peace with their own masculine approach to the world, allowing our heroine to heal the wounded masculine within. This paves the way for an internal synthesis of both powers. The heroine integrates their masculine and feminine qualities and perspectives.  At one with the self, our heroine now has a foothold in both worlds.  

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