Use the Chakra Model to Develop Discernment and Visionary Ability

Some individuals are born with reliable gut instincts; others are highly sensitive or possess amazingly accurate intuition, while many individuals have to master the art of sound judgement in order to survive and thrive in the world. If you know how to make sound judgments then you can be discerning. Discernment is the ability to develop and fine tune your visionary and intuitive abilities through the trials, errors and pitfalls of life. This is where failure is useful but not very pleasant. It offers incredibly accurate feedback about what not to do next time.

A Question of Balance - Colour Energy and Healing with Chakras
When you understand the connection between your mind, emotions and body then your path to life balance and spiritual fulfilment becomes clear.

Discernment comes from a balance of intellectual reasoning combined with your intuition and gut instincts. Both the left and right brains are activated when you are discerning, but you can also engage more of yourself than just your brain in this process. You can use the chakras as tools to help you develop your capacity to be more discerning. Discernment is your ability to perceive what is true, rather than being seduced by illusions and false impressions. It is your ability to perceive wisdom from manipulation.

When you are uncertain or suspicious about a person or a situation, then how do you discern truth from illusion? What do you need to look for? Imagine you are on a search for guidance and direction, say from a spiritual healer or teacher. How do you know a genuine healer? How do you recognize a good teacher when you see one? When the situation calls for discernment, there are seven chakra benchmarks to look for that will help you to assess their worth. These benchmarks can also be applied when you need to discern the quality or truth of new information being presented to you. Always follow what feels right and true for you at the time.

  1. Focus on your first chakra at the base of your spine. This is your centre of earthly survival power. Is the information, teacher or healer consistent, positive and helpful? Is the information, healer or teacher down-to-earth or vague and ungrounded?
  2. Focus on your second chakra below your navel. This is your centre of relationship power. Does the information, teacher or healer have healthy boundaries? Are you encouraged to be independent, empowered and whole? Or are you being asked to conform with, or depend on, the healer, the information or the teaching?
  3. Focus on the third chakra at your solar plexus. This is the centre of your instinctive power. Does your gut register this information, teacher or healer as congruent? Is this a person of integrity?
  4. Focus on your fourth chakra at the heart. This is where your emotional power resides. Does the information, the teacher or healer uplift you? Is your heart stirred with a sense of truth?
  5. Focus on the fifth chakra at the throat. This is your centre of free will. Are you being asked to surrender your power to choose for yourself? Are you accepting the information presented without question?
  6. Focus on your sixth chakra in the middle of your brow. This is your intellectual power. Does the information broaden your awareness and understanding of yourself? If the information, teacher or healer is personally confronting, does it lead you to face reality?
  7. Focus on the seventh chakra at the crown of your head. This is your centre of spiritual power. Does the information, teacher or healer provide you with a path for healing or growth, or does it undermine you?

If you believe all that you are told, shown or read without question or research, then you are susceptible to victimisation. You may be physically, emotionally, mentally and even psychically vulnerable and open to manipulation.

By asking these questions with the help of your chakras, you can tap into the infinite source of your own inner wisdom. From there you will strengthen your ability to discern truth from illusion. Discernment helps you to face your fears. It will hold you in good stead when you are surrounded by confusion and indecision. You are meant to be a good judge of character and situations. Discernment helps you to face the realities of life. It can outwit many disappointments and falsehoods.

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