Every problem has a solution, but a true mystery can never be a problem…

Unanswered problems and unsolved mysteries trigger fears about losing control of the situation, but every problem contains a solution. Some problems are designed to test our resolve, pushing us to be persistent and persevere until we find the answer.   Some problems are not ours, so they are not ours to solve. There are some problems that we need to accept before they can be solved. The same applies to a mystery.

Every problem has a solution. A true mystery can never be a problem... Every problem has an answer, where as, a true mystery can never solved. A true mystery can never be a problem…Image by Benno Poeder

If a problem can’t be solved, then it can’t be called a problem. It’s a mystery, which means it will never be solved, because that is the nature of a mystery. If a mystery can be solved, then technically, it is a problem. It was never a mystery in the first place.

The solution to a problem is not always going to be the one we want. I often wonder if that is why we end up preferring to believe that a problem is a mystery?

Sometimes we have to accept a previously unacceptable answer. It’s easy to think that by accepting a problem as it is, or surrendering to mystery, that we lose control over the situation, but the reverse is true. Our lack of acceptance can be the barrier to solving the problem. Once we accept things as they are, then we are free to choose our response to the situation.

Every problem has an answer. A true mystery can hardly be called a problem.

Gail Goodwin © 2015

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