Signs of Hope #18

Unrecognised loss holds your energy in limbo.

You need a massive amount of mental and emotional control to avoid feeling the pain of it.

Once you come to terms with a loss, trapped energy is released for healing and transformation. 

signs of hope 18 by gail goodwin 2014

Any form of change has the power to create a sense of loss. Aside from the loss of loved one, other losses that are less than obvious may include:

  • The loss of a dream
  • The loss of an ideology
  • The loss of an outmoded belief
  • The lost of an important role
  • The loss of an identity
  • The loss of familiarity
  • The loss of a comfort zone
  • The loss or reduction of lifestyle
  • The loss of an ideal career
  • The loss or reduction of physical health
  • The loss or reduction of emotional energy
  • The loss or reduction of mental health
  • The loss of friends
  • The loss of community
  • The loss of joy, pleasure or fun
  • The loss of control
  • The loss of self-esteem
  • The loss of meaning
  • The loss of purpose

A loss remains a loss until you accept it as one and then come to terms with it. Acknowledging the loss and then allowing yourself a healthy period of mourning helps you to heal. When you come to terms with your loss, you break your impasse. Then you can move on.

You can read about the Ten Stages of Healing here.

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