Not a Problem

Personal energy management skills improve your ability to identify and solve many of life’s problems. A problem is a problem if there is a solution attached to it. If there is no solution attached, then it is a mystery, and a mystery will never be solved. And if it is solved, then it was never a mystery.

Not a problem by gail goodwin
Don’t wait until the problem blows up

Unresolved problems threaten and disrupt inner peace. They muddy your mind and disturb your emotions. If you have a problem, but you don’t have an answer, or you don’t know what the problem is but you know there is a problem, the situation indicates that your unidentified problem or unidentified solution is energetic.

The problem is invisible. The answer is invisible. Just because you can’t see either doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Unresolved energetic problems don’t go away. They continue to grow and expand by leeching on your uncontrollable thoughts and feelings.

Energetic problems require energetic solutions. An effective energetic solution is to learn appropriate personal energy management skills. (You can read more about this here, or in detail in my book, A Question of Balance, or by studying the Chakra Life Balance Process) One of the most efficient ways to start managing your energy is to do what you need to do to clear your conscience, and to keep it clear at all times. This means you will no longer be able to get away with the same old behaviour if you want to solve more problems than you are capable of at the moment.

Here are 8 personal energy management tips to help clear your conscience:

  1. Stop avoiding self-responsibility and start supervising your thoughts, feelings and actions.
  2. Stop controlling others and start helping others to help themselves.
  3. Stop playing the martyr and start looking after you first.
  4. Stop inhabiting victim consciousness and start being a survivor.
  5. Stop being a pushover and start standing your ground.
  6. Stop acting like a perfectionist and start accepting your perfection.
  7. Stop letting yourself down and start honouring you.
  8. Stop sabotaging you and start empowering you.

Inner peace is the result of a clear conscience. The ability to think clearly is a prerequisite for identifying and solving problems. This is possible when you clear your conscience and keep it that way.

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