Your True ID

Who are you without your misery? Who would you be if you were happier, or at least more content, than you are now?

You know are going through another spiritual crisis.  This isn’t the first episode in your life. It’s one of many that you’ve suffered in this way.  Severe depressive symptoms are present.

Image: In Front of Me by Benno Poeder
The night is dark
It’s hard to see
The path somewhere
In front of me…

You are so disconnected from your heart, your mind, and your soul that you don’t know who you are anymore.

You are uncertain or unconvinced of your talents.

You have no idea what your purpose in life could be.

Every day is getting harder and harder to get through.

You have your friends, but they can only advise you to an extent, and in the only way friends can do.  They also have their own issues and concerns to deal with.

Over the years you have seen so many therapists, psychologists and counsellors with no insights, and no resolution.  No one seems to be able to help you navigate your way through the darkness.  You know you need help.

You are dying inside, and feeling so disconnected to the world that it scares the hell out of you.  You know you need help, but at the same time, you can’t seem to let go of the security or familiarity of your misery.

You are not the only one baffled by your need to maintain your status quo.

How miserable do you feel? If you could measure it out of 10, where 1 represents not bad, and 10 represent extremely bad, what score would you give it?

How much do you want to change this situation? If you could measure it out of 10, where 1 represents no desire to change, and 10 represents your greatest desire to change, what score would you give it?

How bad do you need to feel before you decide to let go of your misery in order to feel better?

When the weight of your misery matches or outweighs your need to hold onto it, then you will be ready to let go and heal.  You will be ready to reveal your true identity.

Your soul is waiting for you.

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