One Way to Give Peace a Chance

Inner peace contributes to world peace. It’s impossible to control other people and everything in the world around you. The more you persist, the more they seem to resist. The harder you try, the more you are met with opposition. You have to set yourself free of this struggle if you want to experience peace.

There are two types of freedom. There is internal freedom and external freedom. Internal freedom is already yours. Internal freedom is the only type of freedom that humans have the right to control. Your actions and behaviours may be restricted, but you are free to think and feel whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want, and wherever you want about whoever you want, and whatever you want. No one can take that away from you unless you let them.

Brothers and Arms image by Benno Poeder
Brothers and Arms by Benno Poeder

The quickest path to internal freedom is through internal change. It’s not as big a task as you might think. The only thing you need to change, and can ever truly change, is your attitude and your response to what is happening in your life. Then your world will respond accordingly, or if it doesn’t, the same situation won’t bother you anymore. You will feel at peace with it.

If more than half of the human race were to be at peace with themselves, this would give peace a decent chance to grow.  If you want world peace then you have more than a desire for peace. You have a duty to experience internal freedom and find inner peace. In this way, personal inner peace has the potential to create global, external peace.

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