Moon Guidance

Creating change is not always easy. Sometimes it seems that the entire universe is against you. Nature is a commanding force. It makes sense to be aware of its power so that you can work with it instead of against it.

You are governed by the laws of nature. Crops are planted in cycles according to the weather. Fishing and surfing is done according to the tides that are influenced by the moon. Days and nights are influenced by the movement of the sun and the moon.

Astrology is a tool that uses the planets to represent unconscious energetic forces that affect what goes on in the world. Astrologers suggest that the moon represents the emotions and how you feel, just as the sun represents the ego and your personality. While the impact of the sun is more obvious as the moon goes through its phases, it subtly influences the tidal movement of the ocean.

Your body is made up of approximately 75% water. Because the moon has an impact on the sea and the movement of the tides, why wouldn’t it influence your body or even the rest of the natural environment?

If you can learn to work with the cycles of the sun and moon, you can learn to co-create with nature. You will tap into their extra support for creating the changes you want to make. The sun sign of the zodiac in which the moon is located, and the phase of the lunar cycle, brings energies that affect behaviour and fields of activity. By observing the phases of the lunar cycle and the Moon’s movement through each zodiac sun sign, you can exist and co-create more harmoniously with your surroundings and with others.

The four week cycle of the moon brings four phases; each phase is more suited to different degrees of human behaviour. The sun sign placement within those phases allows for enhanced expression of certain types of activities.

Here is one way you can work with the moon cycles for co-creation and harmony. You can also refer to an astrological ephemeris or a good calendar for exact dates on the phases of the moon in this current year.

Begin your project or lifestyle changes on the appearance of any new moon, especially the new moon during spring time, which is a good time for new beginnings. Work with the seasons. Be aware that spring and summer are peak times for planting long term goals. Autumn works well for metaphorically shaking off the leaves and letting go of things that are no longer useful. Although winter can be barren, short term goals can be achieved. Like land used for planting crops, long term goals may need time to rest, picking up the pace in the spring once again.

  1. The new moon or the first quarter: during this phase new ideas or new directions become apparent. There is energy available for initiation and creative action here. This is a doing phase where you have plenty of personal energy to make things happen.
  2. The new moon is followed by the second quarter waxing phase. During this time, you can persevere with plans and expand on their reality. This is a time of high productivity as your original plan expands and manifests.
  3. You move into a full moon at the third quarter phase. At this time, be prepared for sudden insights, clarity or reactions from others that either intensifies the changes you’ve initiated, or that bring about the required transformation. This is when you question your direction and are more likely to be concerned about the viewpoints of others. Impulses are strong, and emotions are touchy on the full moon itself and a day either side.
  4. The final fourth quarter waning phase of the moon. This is the last stage, where readjustment and refinement is necessary. This is a time for self-examination, reflection of motives, dealing with the consequences of your actions and the choices you have made

By observing the phases of the lunar cycles you can exist and co-create with nature and the universe more harmoniously. It will put you in a better position to move forward this year. You will feel more grounded, present and alive. You can then manifest changes in your life in accordance with the laws of nature, with your surroundings, and with others.

This is an extract from my first book, “A Dialogue with the Soul – Using Personality Archetypes to Access Inner Wisdom” published by Body Soul Spirit Publishing in 2010.

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