The Middle Road

There are two sides to every life story. Unfortunately, most people believe they have to choose one side or the other. Which side do you live on? Is it the upside or the downside? The upside of your life story may be a metaphoric heaven full of angels, but choosing sides, up or down, creates a number of problems. When you live on the upside, the downside becomes your mirror, reflecting your hidden characteristics, those you’ve disowned or denied. The downside may be hell complete with demons. When you live on the downside, the reverse is triggered. The upside becomes your mirror, reflecting the disowned parts of your character. In the end, when you choose to remain on the upside or the downside, you create a situation where the only opponent you have is yourself. This is how you become your own worst enemy. However, you are not an angel or a demon. The truth is you are a human being, and you live on earth. Therefore, the truth for human beings lies here on earth, somewhere in between the extremes of heaven and hell. The challenge is to find your own middle road and to follow that road and stay on it is your truth. You can look at the upside and the downside when you need to see clearly where you are going, but if you veer off your middle road, then you will end up where you are headed.

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