Exploding the Myths about Realising Your Life Purpose

There are many myths surrounding what it means to fulfil your life purpose. Here are three of the most common:

Myth #1: You have only one life purpose.

Myth #2: You are not fulfilling your purpose unless you work in a service, healing or spiritual profession.

Myth #3: Your life purpose should financially support you and your family and your dreams.

Your affirmations, dreams, mantras, desires, prayers, hopes and wishes give you major insights into your life purpose and what you are here to achieve. For example, do you constantly pray for enlightenment, inspiration and trust? Write down your prayers and desires, because your life purpose is not singular. Your life purpose is plural. Then make the decision to be enlightening, inspiring and trustworthy, if that is what you’ve wished or prayed for.

The wonderful thing about your life purpose is that it’s portable, and it is NOT confined to a job. Your work is just one area of your life, NOT your entire life, so fulfilling your life purpose has nothing to do with finding it in a job, regardless of how noble or service and healing focused that job may be. Financial fulfilment plus job satisfaction does not equal your life purpose. That is what’s known as a rewarding career. Your life purpose is fuelled by your body, your soul and your spirit. Your life purpose is not meant to pay your bills. Earning a living will do that for you. If you want to make a living out of your life purpose, you will need to be prepared to sell your body, your soul and your spirit.

Once it hits home that your life purpose is not your job and that you are unlikely to be paid to fulfil your life purpose, it usually provokes the following questions: Will you still be enthusiastic and passionate about fulfilling your life purpose when you realise there is little or no money in it? Will you continue to be just as inspiring and empowering when there is absolutely nothing in it for you? It’s very easy to be passionate about your life and your purpose when things are going well, the sun is shining, the bills are paid, and the kids are well behaved. The real test is when life gets hard. It is the deeper purpose of life to be what you have chosen to be in the toughest, instead of the easiest circumstances

You have so much power and free will that you are yet to realise. Your life purpose is not a complicated science. It’s simple to apply and it’s even easier to find. Your purpose is ‘TO BE’. You can BE anything you want in any area, and even every area of your life. You can be inspiring at home, trustworthy in your relationships and enlightening at work. Yes, you can be anything you want to be anywhere you like. Your purpose is multi-dimensional. That is the nature of your life purpose.

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