Behind Them All the Way

Women who are apologists for men are holding back women. Women who are apologists in any area of life – government, corporate, business, media, community and domestic – are guilty of using their power to keep all women right where men in power want them to be: behind men all the way. Not beside them or in front of them due to merit, these women enable men to keep women, at best, behind men, and at worst, under them.

Sidra Stone Phd, psychologist and co-creator of the Voice Dialogue Process, a therapeutic process influenced in part by Gestalt Therapy, wrote a book titled, “The Shadow King: The Invisible Force That Holds Women Back.” Her book proposes that: “Women’s power, sexuality, relationship roles, and emotions – all are unconsciously influenced by this compelling inner voice as it echoes thousands of years of patriarchal beliefs.”

The newly elected conservative LNP government in Australia reflects this phenomenon. It replaces the progressive Labor Party.  There is now one woman in the LNP Cabinet. There are 3 in Afghanistan. There are 8 in Uganda and 11 in Rwanda. Judging by the commentary on social media, there is an alarming amount of women who appear to be content with this situation.

Others try to apologise for the lack of representation of power by women. They claim that those in Cabinet deserve to be there on their merits. This is true, but women have a right to be there on their merit also. Where are they? Does like attract like in politics too? Conservative women join conservative parties because they are conservative.  Conservative women vote for conservative parties. Progressive women join progressive parties because they are progressive women. Progressive women vote for progressive parties. How conservative is conservative is this day and age in Australia? Look at the line-up of Cabinet members in newly elected government and you will get the idea.

Apologists claim their case for the lack of women’s representation by saying there are simply not enough good women good enough for a job in Cabinet. It’s true that any marginalised group should not be represented by token gestures. Their argument is true in so far as any person should not be promoted to Cabinet as a token gesture. While many suggested that was the case with the Labor government, from the former Prime Minister Julia Gilliard, to Tania Plibersek and Penny Wong, they were far from token gestures; as Prime minister and ministers of major portfolios, health and finance respectively.  It is incredulous that some even whine and moan that these highly successful and powerful women in the former Labor government were “screaming shrews” who were to blame for their Party’s downfall!!! The evidence to counter these claims can be observed on ABC TV talk shows such as Q and A.

If you are a member of one, or you vote for a conservative party, then you can expect conservative opportunities to come your way, issued in a conservative manner and based on conservative values. If you are a member of one, or you vote for a progressive party, then you can expect progressive opportunities to come your way, issued in a progressive manner and based on progressive values. Progress happens in a progressive party and under a progressive government. Conservation happens in a conservative party and a conservative government.

Apologist women are psychologically possessed by their ancient Shadow King. They will remain at the feet of their inner Shadow King until they wake up from his spell. Apologist women have to stop enabling the men who disable women’s rights to represent power.

Cosy or not, overtly or covertly, women who are apologists for the actions of men in power are literally or metaphorically in bed with them. For those with a pinch of conscience, it keeps them awake at night because their soul is trying to rouse them from the spell. For those without a conscience, they will be left to the hands of fate.

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