The Value of Archetypes in Conflict Management

Conflict is an interaction between individuals, organisations or groups with a negative emotional charge. It is the leading cause of communication breakdown. Conflict arises when trust is betrayed, or a personal belief or opinion, or personal values are threatened, or one’s rights,  or authority, or a personal passion is challenged. Finding common ground, in the form of personal values, is one way to help resolve conflict and improve communication. An opportunity to reduce the charge and reach a positive outcome is then possible when the underlying issues and needs are highlighted and found to be shared.

The Archetype Personality Profile can be used to clarify what is really involved in a conflict situation, so the process of mediation is swift. Archetypes are universal patterns of behaviour, which means they are shared by everyone, so very quickly, common ground can be found and bridges can be built to connect and unite everyone involved.  By incorporating archetypal awareness, and especially how people with 4 shared personality archetypes, but 8 different personality archetypes present themselves in conflict situations, you can plan your approach to conflict, communicate better when in conflict, and resolve conflict with greater effectiveness.

Archetype Theory offers valuable insights to help individuals and teams improve conflict management skills using the Archetype Personality Profile. The Archetype Personality Profile is a practical tool for exploring conflict through the lens of archetypes which can then be incorporated into your own conflict management programs.

By applying Archetype Theory to help resolve conflict, you create an unparalleled opportunity to interact, learn and exchange experiences with one another.

This post was inspired by MBTI®MBTI is a registered trademark of Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc. MBTI and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator are registered trademarks of Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc.

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