The Chosen Ones

There is a massive double standard in the psycho-spiritual industry. It borders on a comic tragedy because of it is such a glaring hypocrisy. There are many business operators in the psycho-spiritual industry, self-help writers, spiritual teachers and workshop presenters, and mind-body therapists who claim they run their businesses or projects based on spiritual values. It is unfortunate for the industry, but the evidence points out that the reverse is true. The behaviour of these people is no better than the worst corporate giant you might care to name.

Competition is fierce in the industry.  These people are thieves, parasites and vampires.  Rarely do they share business ideas or creative inspiration with integrity, instead, they steal each other’s ideas, words and deeds. Here’s how they do it:

They are full of pretensions. There are therapists who pretend to be clients. They send emails to other therapists in order to snoop out how the other therapists are structuring their programs, and to obtain information about the content and the cost of therapy sessions. They plagiarise website content, articles and ebooks. They no longer see the need to provide a reference to the original author or teacher for any article that is published in an on line magazine. They pretend to have come up with the idea in a vacuum, when it is clearly not their information. Take for example archetypes. Search the internet and you will find articles and books written on the subject, workshops being taught based on the topic, but rarely a public acknowledgement of the actual source; other articles, blog material, teacher or book.  They have obviously learnt, heard or read about archetypes from somewhere. Apparently, if you are to take it on face value, they have not, based on the absence of references and acknowledgment of their sources. Sources may be other authors or writers, teachers, but no. Not even a hint of casual acknowledgement, let alone proper academic referencing.

The most you will see these days on the internet or in hard copy, spiritual psychopop magazines – in terms of acknowledgment or referencing – is from those people who are more than happy to rattle on about channelling their information from one of the popular spiritual projections on the market today. Apparently there are a multitude of angels, masters and guides ready to bestow their ideas on the “Chosen Ones”.

Therapists, teachers and workshop presenters compete like hungry dogs for the bones of attention in a market that is going backwards at high speed due to their blatant lack of honesty, honour, congruency and integrity. Potential clients cannot take seriously any therapist or spiritual teacher or workshop presenter who is full of obvious double standards, discrepancies and incongruities. They are spiritual hypocrites of the lowest order. Their clients find out the hard way.This foul behaviour moves them very far away from being capable of running their businesses or projects based on spiritual values.

I will not vouch for anyone who refuses to honour their sources.

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