They Do It With Mirrors

Many spiritual aspirants will tell you that “everyone you meet is your mirror” because “everyone is a projection of each other.” This is why spiritual aspirants will tell you that “the whole of life is an illusion.” They propose that life is really a dream and the purpose of life is to wake up from the dream. This process is known as a spiritual awakening.

Projection is a psychological term, first used in the late 1800’s by Sigmund Freud. He is often referred to as the father of psychoanalysis.  Carl Jung, a student and associate of Freud, is renown for naming meaningful coincidences as synchronicity. He went on to expand the concept of projection to include aspects of mysticism and spirituality.

Projection is a useful way to understand the self within the context of others. It suggests that humans have an automatic tendency to reject their undesirable and unacknowledged characteristics and project them onto others. The degree to which a person’s characteristics are deemed undesirable will be in line with their self image and self worth and how much they value themselves.

How well you value yourself equals your personal power. If self worth is low, or the individual perceives themselves as not important or inferior, then the possibility of doing well in life may be rejected, and thus projected onto others. This tends to diminish your personal power. To the Projector, everyone else seems to be doing well in life but the Projector is not.  An individual with a superior sense of self, which usually creates a personality that is overbearing, will deny and reject their personal weaknesses, thus projecting them onto others. For instance, in the workplace the Projector might believe they are extremely competent and highly organised, which makes them overpowering and bossy. Meanwhile their incompetence in another area of life is ignored and thus projected onto those around them. Others are perceived by the Projector as grossly incompetent and incapable of getting the job done. This attitude diminishes the personal power of those around the Projector.

An individual who strives to develop a healthy sense of self will acknowledge their personal weaknesses and their strengths. Personal and spiritual development helps you to get in touch with these essential aspects of your self. It helps you to understand the dynamics of projection. A deep longing, desire or yearning to be famous or popular may be a projection of one’s deep need for self-recognition, self-acknowledgement and self-approval.

When you are aware of projection, other people can be used as triggers, signs or symbols and their behaviour are clues to those personal characteristics that need your attention or recognition. Everyone will benefit because you are learning how to understand yourself, and with the help of other people and their behaviour, you learn to understand others too.

Beyond your personal sense of self worth lies your spiritual self worth. This refers to how much you value your spiritual life, and your spiritual growth and development. The strength of your spiritual self worth represents your spiritual power. If you need to be reminded of your spiritual characteristics and your spiritual self-worth, in other words, your spiritual power, then you will also find that you project this power onto others. In this instance, your spiritual projections are directed onto spiritual gurus or celebrity self-help authors and spiritual teachers. These people will embody your unacknowledged spiritual power and so you will follow them, try to be like them, admire them or worship them. You may even go one step further and project your spiritual power into forms such as angels, spirit guides and other entities. This is why some people don’t, or won’t, or can’t see these types of entities. The ability to see and communicate with these entities is not a matter of intuition or psychic ability. It is a matter of the Projector’s psychological need to be reminded that they have this power within them. You will continue to see these entities until you let go of the need to be reminded of your spiritual power. Angels, spirit guides, elemental spirits and other entities are symbols of your spiritual power. They represent your spiritual power. The finger pointing at the moon is not the moon. The angels, spirit guides, elemental spirits and other entities and public figures are a construct of your projections. They are the messengers you have created by your projections. These entities are not the moon. Your spiritual power is the moon. Your need to be reminded of your spiritual power is captured in a projection and transposed into these public figures or entities. What you are seeing and communicating with is similar to a photographic negative. It is not the final, photographic image. The skeptics are correct. These entities are ultimately an illusion.

Being psychic, medically intuitive or an accurate spiritual medium are talents that form the basis of some very lucrative businesses. Despite popular opinion and beliefs held within the spiritual industry, letting go of your need to be reminded of your spiritual power is an advanced step to take in your spiritual development. It is not a step backward, although you will need to come up with some new ways to earn a living other than via your spiritual projections. To name a few sources where this subject has been discussed, you can find it my second book, “A Question of Balance.” It has also been mentioned in “Kundalini Tantra” by Swami Sivananda Saraswati.

If you are stuck or bound by these spiritual projections, then you will need to get ready to surrender your attachment to these entities that symbolise your spiritual reminders. You will need to practice letting go of the small stuff first, so that you master the art of surrendering the big, spiritual stuff later. The small stuff are the various unhealthy attachments you have made to things in the physical, emotional or mental realms. Letting go of, or surrendering your attachments, does not mean that you give away your possessions. It does not mean you need to quit your job or divorce your partner. It means letting go of your need to find happiness by acquiring more possessions, or by letting go of the need to feel superior or inferior. Surrendering your attachments means letting go being attached to co-dependent attitudes, people or situations. It means letting go of narcissism and victim consciousness and other self-defeating forms of behaviour. Once you reach a certain level of self-mastery in terms of letting go of things that are no longer useful, when you have exposed the physical, emotional and mental projections you don’t need, then you will be ready to let go of your need to project your spiritual power onto celebrities or gurus or ghost-like forms. This means you must let go of your need to project your spirit onto angels, spirit guides and other entities. “When you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him” is an ancient proverb that demonstrates this concept. It does not mean that you will lose your ability to be intuitive or psychic. Letting go of the need to project your spiritual power onto forms in the exterior world strengthens your spiritual power because you are owing it and internalising it. You realise that your spiritual power resides within you, instead of without. This is the dawning of a spiritual awakening.


Those who are not aware of where to locate their spiritual power or refuse to internalise it are often taken advantage of by those who are well aware of where your power currently resides. They are the modern day version of the circus snake oil merchant. They understand how to use the power of projection. They are masters at it, so they believe and behave as though they are the spiritual elite. These scammers offer magic wand solutions as a quick fix for your broken physical, emotional, mental or spiritual health.

The spiritual industry, as with every other industry, continually brings out new products and services to tempt the consumer.  Earthing bands, patches and mats are examples of quackery that have recently appeared on the market. Their advertising claims that these things will ground your spirit. The implication is that you no longer have to take off your shoes in order to go bare foot indoors or out, which is the natural and obvious way to earth yourself, now you can buy reams of apparatus that you can use to ground you instead.

All you have to do is strap this junk to your head, your arms, your legs, your bed, your house and of course, the family car. You run a wire from yourself, which is attached to a rod, which is then inserted into the ground. It appears that these financially clever inventors of this scam have projected their fetish onto these products and they are making money out of it. However, their disclaimer states: Information within this website is for educational purposes only. Statements on this site have not been evaluated by the Australian Theraputic Goods Act. Products and information on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. (Our) representatives are not medical doctors and cannot make claims or give medical advice. Their advertising states that “the Earthing products offered throughout this website will simply and effectively earth you while indoors, during sleep and at times when you cannot go barefoot outside.”  If this product has not been proven to do this, then the claims they make in their advertising are not true. It is false advertising. False advertising is punishable by law in Australia.

The spiritual industry keeps rattling on about a spiritual awakening. If everything is an illusion and life is a dream, then they can only be referring to their own awakening. The spiritual awakening has nothing to do with other people. Anyone who envisions, yearns for, or predicts a spiritual awakening, or complains that everyone is asleep is – by virtue of the concept of projection – talking about not hearing their own wake up call.

These types of charlatans may never wake up to themselves. Only the ignorant would fall for this stupidity that is supposed to ground you via earthing straps, mats, rods and hats. It’s an insult to public intelligence. These non-health products, and this is what they are according to their disclaimer, encourage naive consumers to buy more rubbish that will end up in the landfill.  Businesses and products such as these reduce the credibility and integrity of the spiritual industry.

Those that repeatedly fail to recognise that other people, places, entities and things are projections are then vulnerable to quackery, spiritual scams, snake oil merchants and charlatans. They will remain asleep because they will reject or deny these messages and so they will miss their wake up call.

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