Crystal Pirates

The average, hard working person mocks the hippy lifestyle and avoids taking part in hippy styled spiritual activities. There is a reason for this. It is called hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is especially evident in hippy circles because they claim to be more environmentally aware or possessing a higher spiritual consciousness than the average, hard working person. The following is one example:

There will come a time when those who oppose mining will oppose it wholeheartedly. They will oppose mining crystals, such as rose quartz, amethyst and similar, as much as they oppose mining for gas and oil. At the moment, they are not wholehearted. They are merely wearing the correct uniform and mouthing the right words along with their friends. They have a long way to go. Many of the same people, who object to mining and other environmental projects going ahead, currently plunder the earth for crystals for the purpose of making money, as though these crystals are theirs to sell!

They are on the other side of the bed, nestled next to the mining companies.

They are guilty of pimping out the planet’s assets.

Until this situation changes, they will remain blatant hypocrites, and quite frankly a joke, because they are simply not serious about their environmental causes.

Hyppies of the world need more than a makeover to solve this. A truth transplant is required. Continue to plunder for crystals and meanwhile, they will keep mining for gas and oil.

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