The Story of Self Sabotage

This is the story of self-sabotage. You can rewrite the story the moment you stop making decisions that are based on what you feel is right for you, when other people are involved.  If you are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy and you proceed to make a decision that is based on what feels true for you, without considering the consequences for others, then this action has the potential to sabotage everyone involved. This includes the decision maker. To do so is hypocritical, especially if you claim that you are a good or kind person, or you believe in a power greater than you.

Your conscience is a useful barometer for reading the truth. A healthy conscience recognises untruths and removes hypocrisies that stand in the way. The truth hurts more than your ego when you are living a lie.

The truth will animate, needle or cause discomfort in those who doubt their decisions. It will keep you awake at night for a reason. You can tell you have made the right decision when you don’t need to continue on a search for evidence to support it.  If your conscience is clear about the decision you have made, then you know it is the right one for you and everyone involved. If you continue to wrestle with your conscience, and you have to keep searching for approval or evidence to prove to others that your decision is the right one, or you are upset when you don’t get the approval or appreciation for your efforts, then for the sake of the health of your conscience, you need to review the validity and efficacy of your decision. If you have made the right decision, you don’t have to keep asking “Did I?” When the consequences of your decisions overflow from your inner world and into the outer world, affecting others, then it is wise to make a decision based on the good of all concerned.

Parents decide to immunise their children or not, and all children will manifest the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual results of their decision. Parents decide to have children past the prime of their child bearing years or not, and their children will manifest the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual results of their parent’s decisions. Women decide to accept their current place in society or not, and their children will inherit the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual consequences. Fathers decide to financially support their children or not, and their children will reap the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual good or bad fruits of what their fathers have sown.

It takes courage to find your truth. Firstly, you have to expose the truth. You have to be ruthless at exposing your hypocrisies and the contradictions between what you say and what you do, and between what you believe, and what you claim and proclaim to value. Or learn to be content living a lie. Secondly, to find your truth, have the courage to speak the truth. It’s tough love, but it’s compassionate. Gushing niceties and nasties that are underhanded or obvious are not the truth. They are ways of ingratiating yourself. Speak the truth and do it so that it becomes second nature to you. That way, you will be living the truth, and so you will find it.

“What is true?” and ” It is true” is a matter for each individual’s perspective. What may or may not be true requires conditions. Those conditions are “a context” and “a perspective”. What is true for you may be very different to what another believes to be true.

“What is the truth?” “It is the truth,” is a matter that cannot be denied by anyone. The truth is unconditional  The truth does not require a perspective or context. It can’t be watered down. It is not soluble  The truth does not distinguish. It is not inclusive or exclusive. It is the truth, nothing more, and nothing less. It is without question. You can’t go wrong when you align with the truth.

Humans stand in awe of the truth.

Humans argue about “what is true”.

Truth is a power greater than your ego. It goes beyond doubt. The truth does more than lift the veil of illusions. The truth cuts through illusions. It tears them to shreds and throws them on to the fire for destruction, grieving, healing, and finally transformation.  If you believe in a power greater than you, whatever that power may be, then basing a decision on what feels right for you, instead of on the greater good, means you have denied the higher power. You have actually put yourself above it. You are contradicting yourself. You are at odds with the truth, or your God. There is no immediate happy ending for these types of decisions. There are benefits in all drawbacks, but some may take a lifetime or more to realise.

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