An Absent Spirit

As a follow on from Let Them Entertain You,  when traditional medicine fails those with a debilitating, terminal or life threatening illness, they and their families will often turn to natural medicine. Natural medicine has a role in health and healing, but the problem is, it has never really defined the scope of what it can do for those who hope to heal their body. Preventive measures are better than last minute cures, but all the vitamins, spas, massages and organic food in the world will not repair a body that has been absent of spirit.

If you want to use natural medicine to help you heal, then you will need to have participated in a spiritual development program long enough for it to refuel your body with the life force. Living in the present moment is fundamental to your health. In order for natural medicine to work for you, your personal spiritual development program needs to become a lifestyle choice. Refueling your body with your spirit is a present moment experience. You have to refuel all the time, not just once. Natural medicine will not work for you if more of your spirit, that is, your life force, is out of your body than in it. The life force which keeps you alive is a part of nature, and so naturally, it aligns itself with natural medicine.

If you spend the majority of your life not present, because you allocate most of your time, energy, space and money to dwelling on the past or stressing about the future, then you cannot expect natural medicine or spiritual healing to work. Your spirit is at odds with itself when you are inconsistent. It’s as though your wires are crossed and they are zapping against each other like fallen electrical power lines in a storm. You have to become conscious of your hypocrisies. They are those inconsistencies, the duplicity, discrepancies and internal conflicts that exist in every area of your life. There are discrepancies between what you say and what you do and between what you think and what you feel. Your hypocrisy stands in the way of your health and healing.

From a spiritual perspective, this may be why some people don’t heal their physical body. Their spirit or life force has been absent for too long, and when a physical illness finally arrives to alert them about this absence of energy, it is often too late to reverse the situation.

Those who are serious about their health cannot afford to treat their spiritual development as an occasional hobby or annual spiritual retreat in a luxury beach resort. That would be the same as going to church on Sunday and going back to being the Mafia Hit Man for the rest of the week.  If you want natural medicine and spiritual healing to work for you, then start a program of spiritual development. You can’t heal what you don’t have. Develop your spirit and then you will heal it.

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